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Out Patient Department

Offers Out-Patient based consultation on daily basis from Monday to Sunday 7.00 am IST to 8.00 pm. IST

To pre-book your Appointment,

📞 T: +91 422 4322888 / +91 422 2367200, Ext No: 1

In Patient Department

Our facility offers specialized care for individuals recommended by our doctors for intensive Ayurvedic treatment. The hospital provides classical Panchakarma and traditional Kerala therapies tailored to their health needs. 

For more details,

📧 E:
📞 T: +91 422 4322888 /
+91 422 2367200


  • Well-equipped rooms of various standards, accommodating up to 76 patients, from general wards to executive cottages.

  • 25 treatment rooms to perform 125 treatments per day (5 in each).

  • Comprehensive facilities for all Panchakarma procedures, including Poorvakarmas and Paschatkarmas.

  • Round-the-clock medical care provided by qualified nurses and doctors.

  • Trained therapists to carry out the procedures as instructed by the physicians.

  • Service of qualified nurses available.

  • Dedicated procedure rooms for treatments like Utharavasthy, Agnikarma, and Rakthamokshana.

  • On-site pharmacy stocked with a wide range of Ayurvedic formulations, with pharmacists available 24/7 for patient needs.

  • Treatment store which can supply treatment accessories.

  • Canteen services which can provide food for patients according to the Ayurvedic dietary requirement of each individuals.

  • Access to NABL-accredited lab tests as needed (currently outsourced).

  • IMU for the preparation of special medicines & medicines required for procedures on a daily basis.

  • 24/7 vehicle service for emergency care transportation or hospital referrals.

  • On-call services provided by qualified physiotherapists.

  • Dietician visits the patients periodically to ensure that the patients get nutritious food as per Ayurveda standards.

  • ​A qualified Yoga instructor round the clock for asanas, pranayama & meditation.


Additional charges apply for food, medicines, treatments, laundry, etc.​

Phone and internet facilities are available at an additional cost, charged at actual rates.

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