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Basti Therapy for Endometriosis | Female Infertility Ayurvedic Treatment at AVCRI

Endometriosis and Ayurveda mode of action of vasthy in endometriosis


Endometriosis, a condition linked to uterine health, is the abnormal growth of endometrial cells outside the uterus. Endometriosis is a complex and painful disease that affects women in their reproductive years, and it's a significant cause of female infertility.

In endometriosis, endometrial tissue is found outside the uterus and in these areas, the endometrial tissue develops into what are called growths, implants, nodules


Endometrial growths  are usually benign and they are normal tissues growing outside the uterus from their normal location Like how the lining of uterus responds to the hormonal changes during menstrual cycles, these endometrial growth too responds to the female reproductive hormones  

When they build up each month, they shred as tissues and cause bleeding

Unlike the lining of the uterine cavity  of the uterus ,these growths has no way to leave the body and thus they result in internal bleeding inflammation etc

Other than leading to complications like infertility ,they also can cause rupture of these growths and can be spreading  in nature


Treatments proposed for endometriosis


Endometriosis is a condition which involves tridoshas though the proportion may vary from individual to individual

 But vata, the pronominal dosha involved in many health conditions according to our ancient literatures, plays a significant role in female infertility.

Like  The pain which is caused by vata  and the involved  site is apana vata  which involves the downward movement of the menstrual flow  and also the displacement of endometrial cells from the original location in the uterus to outside the uterus which is also one of the nature of vata, indicating the importance of uterine health management in Ayurveda.


Most of  the ayurvedic treatment, specifically panchakarma therapy  aims at bringing vata under control or clearing the pathway of blocked channels (Srothas), a fundamental aim in panchakarma chikitsa  vata which is nothing but vatanulomana

Since all the symptoms in endometriosis includes the vitiated vata lakshanas like pain ,movement of blood in opposite direction and blockage of menstrual blood , the treatment procedures aims at removing the  blockage of the channel of vata so that it could perform its normal functions.


Vasthy procedure

Medicated  enema is performed to normalize the deranged Vata In the digestive tract. It promotes strength and restores general well-being.Its  designed to clean the lower alimentary canal and most effective in Ayurvedic treatment bringing cleansing of subtle channels spread all over the body. This is very effective in aggravated vata principle through removal of blockage in pathways of vata and calm vata aggravation.


Mode of action of Vasti on Menstrual disorders, a panchakarma treatment

Mode of action of Matra Vasti, a panchakarma treatment, is also possible to define on the basis of its therapeutic effects the modern accepted theories. There are three theories, which are being tried to explain the

mode of action of Vasti.

These are –  

i)absorption through GI System 

ii)stimulation of  central nervous system through enteric nervous system

iii) system biology.

The Vasti drug are absorbed from the intestines through the rich blood supply of rectum and acts on all over the body, demonstrating the principles of panchakarma therapy. From capillaries and lymphatic of intestines, it will reach to systemic circulation and then will act on all the bodily organs.

Our Ancient science also explains the same .It explains when   the Virya(potency )  of vasti administered through the vasti reaches the whole body through the channels (Srothas) according to panchakarma principles as the active principles in the water when poured at the root of the tree reaches the whole plant.

As tree irrigated in its root level attains nourishment for whole tree, In the same way, Basti drugs given through rectum (Rich of blood vessels, lymphatics & nerves) nourishes all the limbs & organs of the body. Whole body is composed of  micro and macro channels from where the metabolites travels .These micro and macro channels can be correlated with all lymphatic according to Ayurveda.These are not restricted to the organs alone but also to the nucleus of the cells which justifies the concept of system  biology according to modern science.

Vasthy acts on  neuro humoral functional system of the body  by stimulating the Central nervous system through enteric nervous system .Medicinal actions of herbs used in vasthy can normalize the functions of  hypo-thalamo pituitary ovarian axis which can  neutralize pituitary hormones like vasopressin,oxytocin etc and also it normalizes the neuro transmitters ,hormonal and neural pathyways and relieves all symptoms related to dysmenorrhea which is one of the major symptom of endometriosis.


Thus, Basti Dravya, used in panchakarma treatment, normalizes the function of Vata by pacifying it after reaching all over the body. Its contents act through their different chemical constituents to restore the normal menstrual physiology and its correlation with doshas.


Thus, Basti will act not only the pain, but the entire whole the clinical picture of Endometriosis by normalizing the functions of Vata; improves overall nutrition status of body, improves intestinal health and absorption, nourishing the system, increasing the immunity, by detoxifying the system, by action of active principle of drug it breaks the pathology.



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