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Effective Ayurvedic Remedies for Premature Grey Hair - Expert Tips

Splendid herbal remedies to prevent grey hair

Modern and busy lifestyle can lead to a number of health issues now. Youngsters are not exempt of those .Factors like  Sedentary lifestyle, fast foods, increased stress, poor sleep can lead to several health issues like diabetes, Htn etc alongside hair thinning, premature greying of hair, and hair fall. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle and hair care serum can mitigate these effects. Like how our skin tends to wrinkle,your hair too undergoes greying when you near 40 . However, it may concern most people to have grey hair in a young age . Premature greying of hair is one of the leading concerns of both men and women  as it not only indicates hormonal imbalance but also nutritional deficiencies  but also it’s a cosmetic concern ,making youngsters to worry a lot  and loose their confidence .As the production of melanin – the protein that gives pigment, decreases and finally ceases  in production due to hectic lifestyle leads to premature graying

Physiology of hairs

Melanin , produced by melanocytes imparts color to the hair. Greying and alopecia are two characteristics of ageing that indicates   a reduction in melanocyte functions


Ayurveda addresses that the formation of hair is when asthi dhatu gets cooked because of the reaction of Agni , Roma and Kesha comes out as a waste product, and the nutrient reaction is converted into the bone marrow.

Ayurveda  about grey hair

In Ayurveda,its termed as ‘Akala palithya‘and it happens because of vitiated Bhrajaka pitta ,a sub-type of pitta .This disturbs the production of melanin 

Causes of Premature Grey Hair

·       Pittha gets aggravated by excess use of salty and acidic foods

·       Environmental factors like exposure to sun and air pollutants, smoke, airborne particles, gas. 

·       Disturbed sleep 

·       Psychological factors like increased stress 

·       Inherited genetic traits in an autosomal dominant manner

·       Nutritional deficiencies like reduced intake of Copper, iron, calcium, folate vitamin B12, biotin, zinc, etc 

·       Systemic diseases like hypothyroidism, albinism, vitiligo, anaemia etc 

·       Chemical exposure like harmful coloring agents, dyes, and bleaches 

Management of Premature Greying (Akala Palitya)

Though many melanogenesis-stimulating drugs and vitamins can be the best cure for premature greying hair, Ayurveda offers a plethora of natural solutions to remedy premature greying, restore its natural color and acquire its smoothness and luster.

Ayurvedic management of Premature Greying (palithya) include

·       Nidana parivarjana- treatments avoiding the causative factors like excess use of pittha aggravating foods  and activities

·       Incorporating Dinacharya (daily regimen)

·       Like siroabhyangam (Head massage ) which can prevent  hairfall, crackling and splitting ends of hair 

·       Nasya – instilling medicated oils/liquids in nose  can benefit hair colour  since nose is a gateway for siras

·       By following swasthavrittha principles like carefully adhering to life principles,not controlling the natural urges ,controlling the urges which needs to be ,following the good conducts and achara rasayana  which involves eating a balanced diet ,engulfing in regular exercises and quitting smoking,alcohol and caffeine

·       Rasayana – immune modulation by using formulations having rasayana properties which are used in treatment of premature greying by restoration of tissue elements

Specific compound formulations like neelibringadithailam, prapoundareekadithailam , bingamlakadithailam, triphalachornam, drakshadiakshayam, bringarajasavam ,madhayanthichoornam, thriphalarasayanam, chyavanaprasham, brahma rasayanam , narasimharasayanam can help in reducing the premature graying of hair

Lets look some of the safe but effective herbal  home remedies for hair care  that can prevent grey hairs

·       Coconut oil and curry leaves

Boil  bunch of curry leaves or extract its juice and boil it with coconut oil and strain it for future storage .Use this oil once or twice a week as a gentle massage to the scalp

·       Rinse with black tea

Make a decoction with tea dust  and  let it cool,use this liquid to rinse the hair once or twice a week

·       Amla

India gooseberry ,beinganti inflammatory and anti viral can care your scalp.Rinsing with decoction made with amla and internal administration of amla  juice ca prevent grey hair

·       Bringa raj

 also called as king of herbs ,can  nourish the scalp,strengthens the hair root .Applying mask of bringaraj or using it with coconut oil can prevent grey hair

·       Tulsi

Concoction made of it is used for rinsing the hair which can strengthen the hair root .You can use it as hair mask too

·       Shikakai and reetha

acts as natural cleanser and conditioner for the hair

·       Henna as a natural hair dye

 a natural coloring agent which can help for conditioning effects of hair

·       Hibiscus

 being rich in vitamins ,administering hibiscus hair pack can help in strengthening hair root and prevents grey hair

·       Aswagandha

Can reduce the stress hormones which can prevent grey hair

·       Brahmi

 can treat hair scalp dryness and promote the health of the hair roots

·       Fenugreek seeds

Using hair mask with soaked fenugreek seeds and grinded  with curd – applying it can help as conditioning effect of hair

·       Lemon

Rich in vitamin c ,it improves hair growth by boosting the production of collagen

·       Aloevera

Rich in amino acids and proteolytic enzymes ,it can help in healthy hair and to get a shiny lustor

·       Licorice

Rinsing  hair with decoction made with licorice and triphala can prevent hairloss and grey hair

Few of the food list which can help in ruling out grey hair

·       Amla

·       Green leafy vegetables like spinach are essential for preventing premature hair greying and ensuring the well-being of natural hair.

·       Nuts and dry fruits

·       Flax seeds – rich in omega 3

·       Whole grain – rich in iron

·       Carrots – rich in vitamin A

·       Citric fruits – rich in  Vitamin c

Some of the worst foods for hair health

·       Sugary foods ,Bread ,cakes ,pastries ,pasta

·       Alcohol

·       Soda and caffeine

·       Junk foods

How to  prevent grey hair naturally

·       Scalp massage:

·       Massage your scalp with medicated oil frequently which can induce the hair follicles energies and make it active

·       Manage your stress

·       Practice pranayama and deep relaxation techniques  to relieve your stress

·       Incorporate protein rich foods

·       Say no to junk food

·       Scalp massage with vitamin E oil

·       Pactiseyogasanas like sirasasana ,sarvangasana  for protecting hair and making it strong internally

·       Include omega 3 fatty acid foods which are powerful agents to minimize hair thinning and prevent grey hair


Can you reverse gray hair?

Natural therapies prove to reverse grey hair provided we follow regular life and diet regime in right time.

Does B12 reverse Grey hair?

It may help to support overall well being of human hair health.

How do I stop my hair from Greying naturally?

Following natural remedies can prevent  grey hair in early stages.

Does grey hair stop growing?

It doesn’t stop growing but you can restore the colour of the hair by following natural therapies for enhancing hair pigmentation.

Do anti grey hair treatment work?

There is no updated scientific evidence that anti grey hair treatment work.

Why is there no cure for grey hair?

If the causative factor is genetic inheritance ,there would be no cure for grey hair.

Do anti grey hair products work?

The anti grey hair products if  natural ingredients ,has no adverse or side effects

What Causes White Hair at Early Age?

Many factors like nutritional defeciencies ,genetics ,increased stress can aggravate white hair in early stages.

Association between smoking and hair loss: Another opportunity for health education against smoking?

Oxidative stress and reduced blood flow to hair follicles are the primary mechanisms causing hair loss.

Can I couple it with a hair growth serum or dandruff treatment serum?

Yes you can.

Can I use other hair oils along with it?

Based on the body constitution, you can use other hair oils along with it for better hair care.

Can stress really turn your hair grey?

Bodys response to fight and flight  or sympathetic nerves can cause a decrease in melanocyte stem cell which decides on hair colour.Increasedcells can affect   the cells which regenerate hair pigment.

Did you know that when you go gray, your hair structure also completely changes?

Yes, they do.They become coarse sometimes.

Does a Mayonnaise Hair Mask Have Any Benefits?

It can hydrate the hair.

Does stress make a person go gray quicker?

Yes it does.

Should a person pluck their gray hair?

Plucking may cause damage to hair follicles and can form scar tissues.

What are the other compounds that can be taken orally for the treatment of grey hair?

Green tea and phyto oestrogen compounds can  help in treatment of grey hair.

What are the vitamins indicated in the treatment of grey hair?

Vitamin B6  and Vit B12.

What is the average age to get gray hair?

Around 40 of Age you will see grey hairs.

Why Do I Have Grey Hair In My 20's?

May be due to genetics and nutritional defeciencies.

Why is my pubic hair turning white?

Due to less melanin it may turn white as in other parts of the body


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