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Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease: A Comprehensive Guide

Achieving healthy kidneys Through  Ayurveda

Considering  India’s  rich heritage of ayurveda ,it not only limits itselves just be giving natural and simple remedies to various disorders but also gives great results in  especially  dealing with disorders like kidney ailments  when compared to allopathy .It would be a wise choice to embrace ayurveda when it comes to kidney health based on the root principles and methodologies practiced in diagnosing and prevention Ayurveda has proved positive effects in dealing with such critical circumstances in various cases .

Kidney conditions  explains various kind of disorders  related to kidney which plays a vital role in filtering waste products from the body

Polycystic Kidney disease, IgA nephropathy can be life threatening  if left untreated . Kidney stones are formed because of calcium, phosphates or oxalates deposits

Some  other forms of  kidney diseases are polyuria, nephritis, uraemia, renal calculus, dysuria, pyelitis, and kidney failure

Other conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, prolonged use of antibiotics and painkillers, acute dehydration are all risk factors for kidney disease

When choosing ayurveda over kidney disorders,its essential to understand the nature of the disease and its utpathi sthana , its causative factors  and tridoshas which is the vital energies which operate our body physically and emotionally.

Lets understand the  role of the Kidney

Kidney being  the vital organ for eliminating the  metabolic waste from the body ,The elimination is done when blood enters the kidney through the renal artery and cleaned through tiny filters called nephrons.

Various other functions of kidney includes maintaining the homeostasis of the body by  controlling the body fluids, regulation acid-base balance, elimination of inorganic ions, assist in eliminating the urea and toxins which are induced by heavy  drugs, and  regulating blood pressure.

Ayurveda about kidney

Kidneys,called as Vrikka in Ayurveda and are formed by rakta and medho dhatu. Vrikka is said to be the root for Medovaha Srotas .

When the kapha dosha blocks the mootravaha srotas there is an increase in the vata dosha. An increase in vata dosha can lead to improper production of urine which in turn causes degeneration of the tissues that leads to malfunctioning of the kidneys These conditions will lead to the damage to the Kidney cells and functions.

So why do kidneys fail?

Unhealthy Diet:A hightly processed diet ,rich in sugary  components  can strain the normal functioning of kidneys .Sugar can contribute to diabetes which can again bother  kidneys.

Can dehydration affect kidney functions?

Hydration is very much needed for normal functioning of kidney .When your body doesn’t get adequate fluids ,it can lead to dehydration which can hamper kidneys function.

Cigarettes :Cigarette smoking and renal illness are connected Cardiovascular disease, which can be induced by smoking, impacts negatively on your veins and arteries.Cigarette can cause damage to your cardiovascular system which can directly damage your kidneys’ capacity to filter your blood.

High Blood Pressure: Persistent  or uncontrolled high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys.

Diabetes: Uncontrolled diabetes  is one of the leading cause of kidney damage

Infections: Certain infections, like urinary tract infections, can lead to kidney complications.

Kidney Stones:When calcium oxalates in urine are highly concentrated ,it forms kidney stones .They can cause heavy pain and discomfort

Acute kidney injury :A sudden and severe decline in kidney function, often caused by dehydration or medication side effects.

Polycystic Kidney Disease: A genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous cysts in the kidneys. It can lead to kidney disorders

Glomerulonephritis :Inflammation of the glomeruli, the tiny filtering units within the kidneys.

Other hereditary kidney disorders Like Certain malignancies

Toxic exposures : lie  heavy metal exposure can lead to defunctioning of kidneys

Blockages or obstructions : Conditions like enlarged prostrate or blockage in urinary tract can lead to malfunctioning of kidney

Kidney artery stenosis :When the arteries supplying blood to kidneys is narrowed,it results in high pressure leading to poor kidney diseases

Lets see the common Symptoms you experience if you have any kidney related disorders 

·      Fatigue and weakness

·      Swelling in the hands, ankles, or feet

·      Changes in urine frequency

·      Pain or discomfort in the kidney area

·      High blood pressure

·      Nausea and vomiting

·      Shortness of breath

·      Sleep disturbances,

·      Dry, itchy skin

·      lessening of mental sharpness.

Ayurvedic Concept and Management of Kidney Conditions

The treatment approach in Ayurveda focuses on restoring balance to the body and supporting the natural healing mechanisms. Treatment plans  includes Ayurvedic herbs, lifestyle modifications, and specialised therapies, prescribed  to each individual's unique constitution and condition.

Some of the  practices to inculcate in your daily lives for better kidney functioning.

Hydration: Staying well-hydrated  can support optimal function of kidney  and it can flush out toxins.

Balanced Diet: Adopting a diet that is low in sodium, refined sugars, and unhealthy fats can benefit kidney health.

Incorporate use of Herbal Teas ,Low Protein Diet, Antioxidant-Rich Foods which can help protect the kidneys from oxidative stress.

Limiting Alcohol and Caffeine: excess use of alcohol and caffeine can increase the urine output and thus increasing the potential dehydration which can harm the kidneys

Regular Exercise: Engaging in moderate physical activity can contribute to overall health and support kidney function.

Managing Chronic Conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, is crucial to prevent kidney complications.

Some of the herbs that aid in restoring the functions of Kidney include:

Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) –Punarnava a  is herbal diuretic and is  anti-inflammatory which  has pitta and kapha dosha balancing property.

Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) – Known for its rasayana properties ,Gokushra is very effective in balancing the tri  doshas. It is  very commonly prescribed for calculi and is known to help avoid dialysis.

Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) – also  known for its rasayana properties,its very useful in diabetes and also used in urinary tract infections. It helps release the blockages in the srotas

Daruharidra (Berberis aristata) –Its anti-diabetic properties assist help in healing urinary infections. It balances pitta and kapha dosha.

Guduchi (Tinospora cardifolia ) – known for its rasayana properties ,it also helps in eliminating the excessive toxic build up in the body.

Turmeric(Curcuma longa ) – It plays a vital role  in eliminating uric acid while reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Triphala– Helps to prevent damage as well as reduced swelling in kidneys.

Varuna(Crateva religiosa) -  Helps in increasing urine output as well as control water levels in the body

Pashana bheda (berginia ligulata ) –an ayurvedic traditional medicine known for its stone breaking and diuretic properties

Shilajith (Ashplatum ) – known for its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant health ,its good for kidney health

Coriander (Coriandrum saivum ) -Both the seeds and leaves of coriander can be used as a kidney-friendly herb. Being a diuretic, coriander aids the body in flushing excess sodium and water. It is also found to help alleviate symptoms of urinary tract infection

Panchakarma therapies in ayurveda

It is an Ayurvedic detoxification procedure often recommende  to detoxify kidneys . the therapies like abhyanga and virechana helps for kidney health.


Apart from diet and medication, it is important to exercise or practice Yoga to keep the kidneys healthy.

Some  recommended Yogasanas for kidney disorders:

Padahastasana ,Parivritta Trikonasana ,Navakasana ,Setu BandhaAsana,Bhujangasana ,Pashimottanasana ,Marichasana ,

Parivritta Janu Shirshasana,Viparita Karani are extremely beneficial for kidney functioning and help the organs to stay healthy for a longer period of time.

Can Ayurveda improve kidney function?

Yes it does help to improve the health   and functioning of kidney by supporting elimination of toxins in a better way


What foods help repair kidneys Ayurveda?

you should follow a balanced and nutritious diet comprising of fibrous fruits and vegetables. In addition, avoid processed or fast food and reduce your salt intake.


Can Ayurveda reduce creatinine?

Yes it can.

How to reduce creatinine level through Ayurveda?

A low protein and a low potassium diet ,a rich fibre fod and antioxidant food can help to reduce creatinine 


Which herb is used to reduce creatinine?

Herbs like ginger , and varana can reduce creatinine .Before administration, you need to get advise from your physician.

What is the fastest way to lower creatinine levels?

By following  a healthy diet along with managing stress,htn,diabetic levels  and also by following  a low protein diet and by keeping yourselves hydrated.

How can I rebuild my kidneys naturally?

Foll a strict low protein  diet ,manage stress and levels of HTN ,Diabetes ,avoid nephrotoxic drugs  you can re  build kidney health.

Can Triphala cure kidney disease?

Yes ,it can due to its antioxidant properties.

What can I drink to repair my kidneys?

Water is the best liquid to repair the kidneys.

Which foods cleanse the kidneys?

Hydrating well,and keeping your sodium levels low can cleanse the kidney.

Which tonic is best for kidney?

You can take punarnavasa ,chandanasava but with proper doctor consultaions.

Which Ayurvedic medicine reduces creatinine levels in kidneys?

You can have varanadi kashayam ,punarnavadi kashayam  after a advise of health care expert.

Can dehydration affect kidney functions?

Hydration is very much needed for normal functioning of kidney .When your body doesn’t get adequate fluids ,it can lead to dehydration which can hamper kidneys function


Can kidney failure be reversed?

While its not possible to reverse the kidney damage but you only can slow it down.

Can quitting smoking improve kidney function?

Yes it does.

Do alcohol consumption harm kidneys?

Yes absolutely.

How does Ayurveda work in supporting CKD patients to regain their health?

Herbs like gokshura ,Punarnava and varana etc can help to relish the kidney and support to slow down the progression of the deterioration.

Is drinking water good for kidneys?

Yes its mandatory to drink adequate water for health of kidney.

What are the top common signs of an unhealthy kidney?

Fatigue ,changes in urination ,swelling over the body etc.

What is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) ? 

It’s a gradual loss of kidney function over time  and kidney cant filter blood properly.

What is Kidney Failure?

A major disease where kidney fail to work is Hypertension and Diabetes attributes to that.

What role does yoga play in treating chronic kidney disease?

Yoga proves promising results in supporting the primary and secondary management of kidney diseases.

What should your kidney functions be after the 50’s?

Average eGfr rate should be around 93 in a patient after age of 50.

Which color of urine signifies when kidneys are failing?

Dark brown with foams.

Why do I pass urine right after I drink water?

It may be due to body trying to eliminate excess water taken in order to prevent flooding of body tissues




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