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Effective Home Remedies for Irregular Periods: Natural Solutions for Menstrual Irregularities

Irregular periods

‘I notice my periods being so irregular in a few months now.Is something wrong? ‘A common question amongst all teen girls

Menstrual cycles disorders can cause the periods to be absent or infrequent .Though few do not mind missing periods but its essential to consult your health care provider because they could be a signal  underlying medical condition .

Many of us   are not sure why do we get prolonged periods or why periods never arrive  on time .This lack of regularity can lead to  anxiety and lot of worries and make us more stressful.

Just by following a good life style and diet ,a female body can align to its natural cycle and can combat all the menstrual irregularities and keep the hormones balanced .

Ayurveda immensely provides us with knowledge that  gives solution for balnce and health on women menstrual issues .Menstrual cycle is a blessing because it provides body a chance to eliminate the toxins and regenerate every month

Irregular periods reflect an underlying imbalance between tridoshas as ayurveda always suggests that our body ,mind and spirit and panchamahabhootas are intimately connected and all the ailments arise when there is a imbalance in them .By understanding the root cause and vitiated dosha ,one can easily avoid the menstrual irregularities .


To  know what is irregular menstruation ,we should know about what a regular menstruation is .Isnt it ?

Most of female attend menarche (First periods ) around age of 10 -15 years which lasts until menopause (Cessation of periods ) around age of 45-50

Menstruation  bleeding may happen when the endometrial layer of uterus sheds  .It may happen once in every 28 days on an average .

After menarche it may take at least 1 year for the menstrual cycle to get regularized .Most females gets the cycle between 25 – 30 days but if the cycle prolongs even after 38 days ,then its called irregular periods .There may be signs of few missed cycles too or early periods too.

There are different types of irregular periods


An abnormal form of bleeding where the gap between the cycles is less than 21 days

·         Metrorrhagia. Also called breakthrough bleeding, refers to bleeding that occurs at irregular intervals and with variable amounts. The bleeding occurs between periods or is unrelated to periods. Spotting or light bleeding between periods is common in girls just starting menstruation and sometimes during ovulation in young adult women.

·         Menometrorrhagia. Refers to heavy and prolonged bleeding that occurs at irregular intervals. Menometrorrhagia combines features of menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. The bleeding can occur at the time of menstruation (like menorrhagia) or in between periods (like metrorrhagia), indicating irregular bleeding.

·         Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB). A general term for abnormal uterine bleeding that usually refers to extra or excessive bleeding caused by hormonal problems, usually lack of ovulation (anovulation). DUB tends to occurs either when girls begin to menstruate or when women approach menopause, but it can occur at any time during a woman's reproductive life. This term is not often used by most gynecologists.

·         Other types of abnormal uterine bleeding. Include bleeding after sex and bleeding after menopause. Postmenopausal bleeding is not normal and can be a sign of a serious condition.


When the menstrual cycle goes beyond 35 days and are infrequent  that’s called oligomennorrhoea


A complete absence of periods for more than three months at a stretch

·         Primary amenorrhea. Occurs when a girl does not begin to menstruate by age 16. Girls who show no signs of sexual development (breast development and pubic hair) by age 13 should be evaluated by a doctor. Any girl who does not have her period by age 15 should be evaluated for primary amenorrhea.

·         Secondary amenorrhea. Occurs when periods that were previously regular stop for at least 3 months.


Common symptoms may include

·       Unpredicted duration and intervals between cycles ,inconsistent cycles

·       Heavy or light bleeding

·       Missed periods

·       Excruciating pain or discomfort during periods

·       Bloatedness,constipation

·       Breast tenderness ,mood swings

·       Emotional disturbances ,anxiety ,panic attacks ,depression

·       Infertility

What can cause irregular periods according to ayurveda


As per ayurveda ,apana vata ,a sub dosha of vata governs the menstrual cycles .Its located in the lower abdomen and is responsible for the downward flow through the intestines ,urinary and reproductive tracts .An imbalance in this dosha can cause irregular periods


Hormonal changes

A high level of oestrogen causes a shorter cycle and heavy bleeding. On the other hand, a high level of progesterone causes longer cycle lighter periods

Poly cystic ovarian syndrome

It’s a common cuse of Irregular periods .When the ovulatin doesnot happen on time ,it affects the flow .In this you may experience  Any of the symptoms like infrequent, less, heavy periods. It's characterized by baldness, weight gain, facial hair, and infertility, often associated with PCOS.

Stress, a possible cause of irregular menstrual cycles

Can disturb the periods widely .Stress can have an impact on the hormones produced by your hypothalamus  that can regulate your cycle .

Obesity, a possible cause of irregular menstrual cycles

It can affect the insulin production and production of hormones that are responsible for regular periods


Like heavy exertion especially with low body weight can make the periods irregular .Cutting back the training and balancing the calories can regulate periods

Under nourishments

Nutritional deficiencies like deficiency of iron and vitamins can disturb the cycles

Thyroid disorders

Hypo or underactive thyroid can cause longer or heavier periods .You can also experience other symptoms like sensitivity to cold ,heat, fatigue and weight gain

While as in hyperthyroidism ,you may experience lighter periods You may also experience anxiety ,weight loss etc

Medical conditions

Like endometriosis ,Uterine fibroids ,Uterine polyps ,Pelvic inflammatory diseases ,Uterine cancer ,ectopic pregnancy may also lead to irregular cycles

Certain medications like

Long term usage of antidepressants ,anti inflamtory diseases ,thyroid medications ,birth control pills IUD devices ,and anti anxiety medications can lead to irregular periods

Nursing period

Production of Prolactin hormone during feeding can result  less or no periods while you  are  breast feeding


It’s a transition phase that happen before menopause

Changes in oestrogen level makes the periods longer or shorter eventually .You may also experience other symptoms like mood swings ,hot flushes .sleep disturbances ,mood changes and vaginal dryness

Ayurvedic  approach for irregular periods

Ayurveda insists in following  a regular diet and a healthy life style for regulating the menstrual cycles .

Different doshas are associated with different menstrual irregularities

In case of vata vitiated periods

·       There would be irregular ,scanty ,painful,infrequent  periods which attributes to the quality of vatas quality like cold ,dryness  and rough properties which can cause constriction in flow resulting in scanty flow

·       Your periods may be froathy ,dark ,associated with sharp pain in low back and abdomen .You may experience anxiety too

·       Prefer to have dishes which are warm ,cooked with ghee ,sups ,cooked foods ,puddings ,flax seeds etc

·       Choice of herbs like aswagandha ,sathavari and ginger which can help to tackle the pain

Pitta vitiated periods 

·       Characterized by excessive bleeding ,cramps ,sharp pain ,heat ,swelling and tender breasts ,hot and pungent smelling blood with

·       Choose pittha calming diet like sweet ,bitter and astringent foods ,fresh fruits and vegetable ,barley ,rice ,milk, ghee 

·       Herbs like sathavari ,guduchi ,sankha pusphi ,gourd juices,fennel ,turmeric,coriander   and brahmi

·       Avoid hot ,spicy,salty ,oily  and chillies

Kapha vitiated periods

·       Characterized by prolonged ad heavy ,dull ,sticky periods

·       You may feel bloated ,water retention and infections

·       Prefer light ,warm and easy to digest foods ,cooked vegetables ,fibre rich foods ,fruits with high water content like waer melon ,musk melons

·       Avoid heavy ,dense and oily foods ,nuts ,puddings ,cakes ,pastries ,red meat ,deep fried foods

·       Healthy life style to be followed like

·     Regular exercise

·     Yogasanas

·     Proper rest during periods

·     Weight management

Some of the panchakarma therapies used in regulating periods


It offers potential benefits for regulating the periods .It can be a supportive therapy to promote relaxation and improve circulation .This can reduce stress by reducing cortisol levels .This can promote detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system .It can improve blood flow to regulate menstrual cycles


Therapeutic purgation can induce a cleansing of digestive track and eliminate excess pittha and toxins .Pittha being hot ,can cause heavy bleeding ,inflammation and hormonal irregularities and by undergoing  virechana ,it can reduce all heat related issues

Some of the stand alone herbal therapy to  regulate periods

Ayurveda gives us a wide array of greens and natural remedies for regulating menstrual cycles


Sathavari can be used in various irregularities like

To balance the hormones ,reducing the menstrual pain being anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic and it can mitigate pre menstrual syndrome symptoms like bloating ,mood swings and fatigue  etc

Asoka, a home remedy for irregular menstrual cycles

Popularly known as queen of herbs ,the term indiacates –remover of all sorrows .All parts of asoka including bark ,flowers are used in treating different types of menstrual disorders like polymenorrhagia ,DUB ,menopausal syndrome etc


Yasti/licorice, a home remedy for irregular periods

Its a  very effective drug in regulating menstrual disorders like heavy bleeding


Hingu /Asafoetida

It regularizes the periods and can regulate the menstrual cycles by stimulating the production of progesterone that increases the flow of blood to the uterus


Guduchi /Amrutha

Being tridoshic in nature ,it can regulate any kind of menstrual abnormalities with its anti inflammatory properties


Sathahva /dhill seeds

Seeds with sesame oil can help in regulating periods

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds along with jaggery can help to regulate periods  to balance the reproductive hormones

Fennel seeds

Few fennel seeds with  soaked in water – taken in empty stomach can help to relieve menstrual pain


Taking gel of  Aloe vera in empty stomach, a home remedy for irregular menstrual cycles  can  help in alleviating menstrual cramps


Papaya contains carotene which supports oestrogen which helps uterus to contract

Pine apples

Pine apples contain bromelain which may help blood flow and generation of red and white blod cells


Most of the medicines used in regulating the menstrual cycles includes kanchanara in it


A traditional medicine that can help in support womens reproductive health  and to reduce excessive bleeding due to its astringent and its anti inflammatory properties



Being adaptogenic , aswagandha can help to influence menstrual cycles and manage irregularities


Owing to its antiinflamatory ,anti bacterial properties ,it can help in  correcting irregular menstruation


Being anti inflammatory ,it can contribute to manage menstrual discomforts like cramps and bloating

Ginger /sunti

Being anti inflammatory and anti bacterial can help in regulating menstrual irregularities

Cinnamon /twak

Shows promising results in case of PCOD

Lajjalu /Mimosa pudica /touchme not

Helps in controlling heavy bleeding in cases of Dysfunctional uterine bleeding


Packed with lot of health benefits jeera can immediately cure cramps in primary ammenorrhoea and can even help in dysmennorhoea

Ajwain seeds

A simple herb but deals with  range of muscular and abdominal cramps in menstrual irregularities 


Known for its vata alleviating property ,it goes along with methi and ajwain ,making a perfect combination for reducing cramps onn periods

Horsegram /kulatha

Helps out in correcting the delayed periods

Sandalwood /chandana

Decoction made with its bark can help in treating irregular periods

Hibiscus /japa, a home remedy for irregular periods

A wonderful herb in correcting the irregular periods .Best way is to fry the flower in ghee and take it on a regular basis

Rose petals /satha patri

A combination of honey and dreid rose petals helps in reducing the flow of the heavy periods

Coconut inflorescence

A combination of coconut inflorescence boiled with milk can help in arresting the heavy bleeding, a home remedy for irregular menstrual bleeding 

How can I stop my irregular period?

There are many ways to regulate your periods like managing stress,reducing weight and following a diet restriction and changing the life style

Can irregular periods become normal?

Yes, it can be a cause of irregular periods. be regularised

Will irregular periods go away?

Yes it can by following a strict diet ad following a life style regime

Is irregular periods normal?

No its absolutely not normal to have irregular periods

How long is it normal to have irregular periods?

Its normal to have irregular periods in initial periods of menarche for 1 year atleast

What do doctors do for irregular periods?

They may advise you on diet and life style changes along with internal modifying medications

Can a healthy diet cure irregular periods?

Yes it can

Can exercises cure irregular periods?

Yes it can

Can home remedies help regulate your period?

Yes it can in initial stages

Can you get pregnant with irregular periods?

Irregular periods may make it harder to analyse the ovulation periods but still you can get pregnant with irregular periods

Do irregular periods mean infertility, and can a woman get pregnant?

No its not the same always

How To Get Pregnant Faster?

By keeping your periods clear

How are irregular periods diagnosed?

Medical history ,pelvic examination ,blood investigations and usg abdomen can reveal irregular periods

How can I lower my risk of having an irregular period?

By following a diet ,reducing stress and by regular exercise you can reduce the risk

How do irregular periods affect pregnancy?

It's difficult to find the ovulation period by irregular periods thus resulting in infertility, often seen in cases of PCOS.

How to know if you have irregular periods?

By calculating the number of days between periods ,it may delay or it may be frequent and also depends on the investigation like blood works and pelvic examination for any pathology

What Causes Irregular Periods After Marriage?

Pregnancy ,stess,weight changes ,birth control pills etc

What are examples of irregular periods?

Like ammenorrhoea ,oligo menorrhea ,menorrhagia ,poly mennorhoea etc

What causes menstrual cycles to change?

Pregnancy ,hormonal contraception ,eating habits ,sedentary habits ,stress etc

What causes two periods in one month?

Perimenopause ,hormonal variation ,heavy exertion ,too much pitta 

What is the reason for irregular periods before marriage?

Thyroid, stress, sedentary lifestyle, eating disorder, hormonal issues, obesity are possible causes of irregular periods

When are irregular periods more common?

Initial stages of menarche and during perimenopause

Which are the asanas that one must do to treat irregular periods naturally?

Asana like dhanurasana ,bhujangasana ,ustrasana ,pranayama can help

When should you see your healthcare provider about irregular periods?

When your cycles become too late or  too frequent

When you are bleeding heavy or too scanty

When you have excruciating pain during periods


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