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Understanding the Concept of Deha Prakriti vis-à-vis Human Constitution in Ayurveda and Beyond

DEHA PRAKRUTHI: A Unique Contribution of Ayurveda

The characteristic personality of an individual determined by the combination of the three doshas is termed as Prakruthi. The concept of deha prakriti vis-à-vis human constitutionis a strong foundation put forth by ayurveda in understanding human constitution. The escalated state of doshas at the time of conception along with various other factors like the quality of sperm and ovum, condition of the uterus, diet and regimens followed by the couples, climatic changes and results of the past deeds etc determines prakruthi. The present description is in the context of Deha Prakruthi. The word Prakruthi means nature or personality and Deha Prakruthi refers to the natural body constitution.

Often we see patients coming up with a request to assess their prakruthi(deha prakriti vis-à-vis human constitution). A skilled physician can find out the prakruthi or the body constitution of the individual through nadee pareksha and by certain other means of examinations like Darshana (observation), sparshana (palpation) and prashna (interrogation). Deha Prakruthi affects the body, mind and spiritual make up of an individual. It is genetically determined to an extent which is susceptible to environmental changes. The approach of ayurveda on analysing Deha Prakruthi is quiet detailed and vivid. Lets see how to apply the knowledge of Deha Prakruthi in the field of maintaining and preserving health along with diagnosing and treatment principles.

Although there are similarities in mankind, every individual differs from each other in many aspects. Knowledge about ones own Deha Prakruthi helps one to maintain health by adhering to conducive diet and regimens suitable to each climate. One can understand the bodily requirements in a better way and can adopt proper lifestyle. This also helps us to find out which are diseases one is more prone to suffer from and can act accordingly beforehand.

Deha Prakruthi is the foremost factor that contributes to early prediction of disease, prevention of the possible effects of the disease or to reduce the worsening of the symptoms, and successful prognosis followed by proper selection of the drugs and line of treatment. For example, a Kapha Prakruthi individual is prone to suffer from respiratory ailments as kapha dosha occupies the upper part of the body predominantly. The middle portion of the body is the seat of pitta and so a pitta prakruthi person is likely to suffer from gastric problems. Since the lower part of the body is vata predominant, a vata prakruthi person is more susceptible to diseases affecting the locomotor or nervous system.

Prakruthi of an individual indcates the physical strength or weakness. It is told that kapha prakruthi person have more inbuilt strength, whereas vata prakruthi person is more susceptible to disease as he has less strength and pitta prakruthi person has medium strength. Similarly the nature of the bowel habits are also related to ones prakruthi. A vata prakruthi individual is prone to be constipative, pitta prakruthi person would have a loose consistency of the bowels and a kapha prakruthi person would have medium to normal consistency of bowel movements. Hence this knowledge is utilised to diagnose, treat disease and maintain health.

An individuals health can undergo slight changes concerning seasonal variations or due to natural changes where in this knowledge of Deha Prakruthi can be applied. During climatic changes one can slowly adopt particular regimens suitable for their prakruthi as well.

Today, most of the diseases we come across are self generated through faulty diet and life style. Autoimmune diseases are increasing at an alarming rate. In such a scenario, analyzing the deha prakruthi helps one to switch over to healthy habits. Unlike, a common diet and regimen, more individualized approach will prove beneficial. Hence, meeting the needs of the body assures good health and peace of mind. An individual can make informed choices as per his bodily requirements. This ultimately helps to achieve a balanced personal, professional and social life.



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