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Unveiling the Surprising Health Benefits of Coriander: A Comprehensive Review on Uses and Precautions

Research Introduction to the health benefits of Coriander.

Coriander sativum, commonly known for its health benefits, is known as dhaniya. It is an annual herb and used as a spicefrom ancient time that belongs to Apiaceae family. From the old Sanskrit name kustambari, the Coriander plant has been hailed for its medicinal properties.and the Tamil kotthamalli. In English coriander leaves are often referred to as cilantro and the fruits as coriander .All parts of this herb are in use as flavoring agent and as traditional remedies for the treatment of different disorders in the folk medicine systems Coriander is also found under the names Indian parsley. In India, it is known as dhaniya or dhanyaka, and renowned for the health benefits of coriander.which means “the rich one”.

As per ayurveda

   According to Drayaguna Vijnana, the Gana or classification of coriander is Sheethprashmana (Refrigerant) and Trishna nigrhaneya (Thirst depressant).Enriched with madhura (sweet), katu (pungent), tikta (bitter) and kashaya (astringent) and laghu ,snigdha as Guna (physical property) ,Usha as veerya ,Madhura as vipaka ,It pacifies Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha. Karma (action) is  trishna nigrhana (thirst depressant) Chakshushaya, Deepana, Grahi, Hrudya, Pachana, Tridoshahara, Mutrala, Rochana. 

Formulations based on Dhanyaka are Dhanyapanchaka kwatha and Dhanyakadi hima(Coriander water). Dhanyapanchaka Kwatha churna, Bhaskar Lavana Churna,Chandraprabha Vati, Brahmi Vati, Kalyanagulam.Coriander seeds contain high amounts of bone-friendly minerals like calcium, magnesiumand manganese and contain significant amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin-C and iron. Theyare also rich in antioxidants that can help to flush out the toxins from your body.

UsesWith its rich dietary fiber, coriander seeds enable food to move through the digestive system regularizing bowel movements .Coriander seeds are a good household remedy for many pitta disorders, particularly those of the digestive tract or urinary system Digestion. Coriander seed is an excellent remedy for promoting Pitta digestion as it enkindles agni but does not aggravate acidity. The anti-oxidant properties of the seeds encourage the release of digestive juices. It is prescribed in IBS (irritative bowel syndrome) and colic. Both the leaf and the seed are used to clear flatulence, gripping and bloating. Often used together with fennel and cumin which are related plants with similar properties for digestive disorders.Coriander can be used roasted alone or with fennel and cumin, one teaspoon after meals for cramping and flatulence. Coriander helps in stimulating appetite and easy digestion, for this one can consumeCoriander paste along with rice. This paste is prepared by mixing Coriander , Black pepper,Rock Salt, and Cumin powder.

Prevents Food Poisoning

Coriander does much more than spice up your food-it may also keep food poisoning at bay.Achemical called dodecenal, found in fresh coriander leaves and seeds kills the harmfulbacteria Salmonella, a common and sometimes fatal cause of food poisoning.

Use of coriander in Vomiting

Warm infusion of the seeds is used and also helps with nausea.

Use of coriander in Hepatitis

Coriander is a mild spice that helps promote liver energy and improve the appetite when theliver is sluggish or congested. For milder cases of gall stones 1 teaspoon of coriander, takendaily is effective. Most herbs for urinary stones help clear gall stones as well when combinedwith coriander to conduct the action to the liver area. It has a hepato-protective effect,reducing the liver weight and clearing the fat and necrosis.

Use of coriander in Dyslipidemia

Cholesterol levels in the blood can be reduced by consuming coriander seeds. This plant hasvarious beneficial ingredients such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid,and ascorbic acid that work well in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood.Low-DensityLipoproteins (LDL) which get deposited in the inner walls of the arteries is considered to bethe bad cholesterol. Coriander seeds helps reduce the level of LDL too and prevents variousserious cardiovascular health issues like atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.Additionally, it also works to increase the more helpful High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL).

Use of coriander in Diarrhea.

Chewing coriander seeds is recommended in complaints of diarrhoea Coriander seedscontributes in reducing diarrhoea by helping in stool formation and preventing microbial andfungal activity as its components, Cineole, Borneol, Limonene, Alpha-pinene and Beta-phelandrene give it a good antibacterial property. Together with betel leaves, it is used toflavor food, as a purgative and to prevent gripping (with meals)

Use of coriander in Improving Oral Health

Coriander seed essential oils, particularly rich in the enzyme citronellol, have potent antiseptic properties.Some other components have antimicrobial properties and these together make it extremelyeffective for preventing wounds and ulcers in the mouth from getting worse. It is also a goodway to control bad breath. Chewing on coriander seeds was a traditional practiceto eliminate bad breath.

Use of coriander in Deworming

The powder of the seed is used for worms in children.  A decoction of the seeds is usedeffectively. 3-5 gm powder with jaggery twice a day for 5 daysImproves Bone HealthCoriander seeds contain high amounts of bone-friendly minerals like calcium, magnesiumand manganese. These help in enabling quick recovery as well as preventing bone-relatedillnesses like osteoporosis. Besides calcium, which is vital to bone health, Vitamin K also hasa potential role in bone mass building. The anti-inflammatory properties help your bonesrepair themselves and protect against bone loss or low bone densityHeals Skin ProblemsCoriander’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties helps in countering skin issueslike rashes, eczema, dryness and itchiness. The linoleic acid in the seeds helps soothe anykind of skin irritation. They also help in fighting signs of premature ageing like fine lines andWrinkles can be combatted by the vitamin C found in the coriander plant.To cure pimples, make a paste of Coriander seeds, one teaspoon of honey, and a pinch ofTurmeric. Apply this mask to the face and wash it off with cold water.Coriander may help strengthen hair because of its myriad of health benefits.

They work in two ways – by strengthening the hair follicles and controlling hair fall, and bystimulating the scalp for further hair growthThe application of pulp of Coriander in on bald areas regularly can cure the problem ofbaldnessTake Coriander seeds soaked in water and add 1 teaspoon of dried Amla at night and filter it.Consume it in the morning to cure baldnessPrevents AnaemiaCoriander seeds are high in iron content and help the body to produce more blood. Coriander Seeds also helps regulate the functioning of the organ systems, provides energy,strengthens the body, and maintains healthy bonesBurnsThe fresh juice of the herb is effective internally, but it can also be used externally for itchand inflammatory conditions like allergies, hay fever, skin rashes, urticaria . When usedWhen consumed internally, coriander may help purify the blood and relieve symptoms of dermatitis.To cure mouth ulcers, take a paste of Coriander leaves and apply on to the mouth ulcer 2 to 3Consuming Coriander three times a day may provide relief from mouth ulcers, thanks to its medicinal properties.Poison bites and stings:You can drink cilantro juice in case of any poisonous stingsPrevents DiabetesCoriander seeds counter sudden spikes in blood sugar, making it a useful way to manage orprevent diabetes. The seeds contain compounds that mimic insulin in the blood, keepingblood sugar levels under control.Relieves Menstrual Issues - another one of the many health benefits coriander provides.The seeds contain compounds that stimulate the endocrine glands, encouraging them toThe health benefits of coriander also include helping to maintain a proper balance of hormones. This in turn Being an excellent stimulant, corianderseeds help maintain proper levels of secretion from the endocrine glands. Hormones whensecreted in the right amount and at proper intervals help regulate various body functions and

especially menstruation in women. Coriander seeds also reduces menstrual pain , reducesbloating, excess flow, and irregular cycles.Take coriander with rice water and fresh cilantro leaves. For effective treatment of menstrualcramps, one should need to boil a few Coriander seeds in a cup of water and drink the liquidto cure mennorhoeaA home remedy to cure Leucorrhoea, take 10 gms of Coriander seeds and soak them in100ml of water overnight and drink the water in the early morning. It gives relief in 7 to 8days in most cases.Urinary tractFor urinary tract infections, burning urethra and cystitis. It is a cooling diuretic. The seedsand the leaves can both be used as an infusion for infections of the urinary tract .A coldinfusion of the seeds is used for draining heat out of the urinary system. Useful in cystitis,dysuria and cloudy urine . Warm infusion is also advised for burning on urination. This teamakes the urine more alkaline .Oedema is a condition that may be alleviated by the health benefits of coriander.Cilantro is used as a mild diuretic which is good in order not to over stimulate the kidneys. asa decoction, it is useful for treating the swelling during pregnancy starting from the fifthmonth.It equally helps to tackle high Bp due to its diuretic effectLower Blood pressureIt stimulates the interaction of calcium ions and cholinergic which is a type ofneurotransmitter which is also known as acetylcholine. Increased blood pressure causes anincrease in tension in the blood vessels. Coriander seeds contain chemical those interactionhelps the vessels to relax and prevents serious health issues like heart attacks and strokes.A temporal headache can be relieved with coriander extract due to its health benefits.Temporal headache indicates excess pitta in the stomach. That can be relieved by drinking atea of cumin and coriander seeds, ½ tsp each in one cup of hot water. This goes with anapplication of sandalwood oil or paste to the temples.Eye infections.

Eyes are rinsed with a cooled decoction of the seeds. Coriander leaves are also loaded with agreat amount of beta-carotene which is considered to be powerful enough to reverse theeffects of vision degradation in aging patientsCoriander infusion may help reduce hot flushes and lower blood sugar levels, due to its amazing health benefits.Respiratory system.It is used for sore throat . It is useful for coughs when combined with licorice and pippali .Coriander helps clean mucus from the lungs with its antispasmodic and expectorantproperties.Fever.The seeds are a mild diaphoretic and they can help alleviate a fever by allowing the displacedagni, pitta and ama to be released through the skin and urine. It is also a cooling diuretic.20ml. decoction from 5gm Powder with sugar 3-4times a day helps to alleviate feverMorbid thirst.A cold infusion of coriander seeds with honey relieves thirst Epistaxis or nose bleeds.A paste of green coriander leaves can be applied on the forehead, and the patient shouldinhale the aroma of fresh coriander leaves. Coat the inner linings of the nose with few drops ofcoriander oil or fresh coriander juice. The cooling effect will stop nosebleeds promptly.Improves lactation –Coriander infusion promotes lactation .  Coriander is a purportedgalactogogue, and has been included in some mixtures promoted to increase milk supply;

Arthritis.Coriander is traditionally used for arthritis, due to its anti-inflammatory property.   Linaloolhas an anti-inflammatory action. The essential oil is applied by massaging the painful joint.Insomnia.A paste made of the green leaves is placed on the forehead or is taken orally as a juice of theleaves or by chewing the leaves. Linolool, found in coriander, is proven to induce sleep and reduce stress, contributing to the herb's health benefits. It

promotes good memory too . In case of giddiness and loss of memory, de-husked seeds ofCoriander should be boiled with 4 parts milk and 8 parts water. This should be reduced tohalf and taken internally twice a day.



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