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Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam 200ml | Uses, Ingredients, Dosage & Side effects | Ayurvedic Joint & Muscle Oil | For Healthy Aging & Rejuvenation

Mahanarayana Thailam

Mahanarayana thailam

After a tough workout or yoga session ,its vital to give your body a good revitalization . Introducing here the best of the oil  from  holistic ayurveda. Mahanarayana Thailam, named after Lord Vishnu, is perfect for relaxing your muscles after exercise. It strengthens and

rejuvenates your muscles, getting you back in action faster than ever.

Since time immemorial, human beings were suffering from various ailments and among them, pain which is medically referred as ache has been agonizing human life. In order to alleviate humanity from various forms of aliments, the medical science of today thus got evolved.The traditional system of medicine got evolved from the total and complete understanding of the human body and mind relationship his/her habit and habitat, lifestyle, diet, morality and ethics and other positive and negative behavioral traits etc.

Management of pain that does not have any obvious injury (degenerative nature) such as joint pain, cervical spondylosis, generalized body pain etc., are treated with massage therapy in traditional system of medicine.

Sandhigata Vata is a common issue among the elderly caused by Vata imbalance that can restrict our movements. Worry not .

Our Mahanarayan oil is here to help. Packed with potent herbs like Bilva, Ashwagandha, Bala, and Shatavari, this nourishing Sesame oil-based pain relief oil is excellent at relieving stiffness and tiredness. It helps to strengthen bones and joints, giving more flexibility and making your golden years more enjoyable. Experience the power of Ayurveda with Mahanarayana Thailam and embrace a pain-free, active lifestyle.


The thaila concoction is comprised of the following herbs,

·       Bilva (Aegle marmelos),

·       Asvagandha mula (Withania somnifera),

·       Brhati mula (Solanum indicum),

·       Swadamstra (Tribulus terrestris),

·       Syonaka mula (Oroxylum indicum),

·       Vatyalaka ( Sida cordifolia),

·       Paribhadra mula (Erythrina indica),

·       Kantakari mula (Solanum xanthocarpum),

·       Kathilla (Boerhaavia diffusa),

·       Prasarni mula (Paederia foetida),

·       Atibala (Abutilon indicum),

·       Agnimantha (Clerodendrum phlomidis),

·       Patali mula (Sterospermum suaveolens),

·       Goksheera (Cow’s milk),

·       Sesame oil (Sesame indicum),

·       Juice of satavari (Asparagus racemosus),

·       Rasna (Pulchea lanceolata),

·       Asvagandha mula (Withania somnifera),

·       Misi(Sathava) (Anethum sowa),

·       Devadaru (Cedrus deodara) ,

·       Kustha ( Saussurea lappa),

·       Salaparni (Desmodium gangeticum),

·       Prsniparni (Uracia picta),

·       Mudgaparni ( Phaseolus trilobus),

·       Masaparni (Termnus labialis),

·       Agaru ( Aquilaria agallocha),

·       Nagakesara (Mesua ferrea),

·       Saindhava (Rock salt),

·       Mamsi (Nardostachys jatamansi) ,

·       Haridra (Curcuma longa),

·       Daruharidra (Berberis aristata),

·       Saileyaka (Parmeila peralta),

·       Candana (Santalum album),

·       Puskara (Inula racemosa)

·       ,Ela (Elettaria cardamomum),

·       Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia),

·       Yasti

Preparation of Oil

All ingredients mentioned in formula taken in defined quantity. Every herb selected with good quality by making sure its cleanliness again. Herbs added in 500ml water by ascending addition and kept mixture to boil for 2 hrs. Traditional extraction method has been used with occasional stirring. After 2 hours of boiling mixture was filtered and filtrate collected in a neat and clean vessel. Now, siddhi procedure of oil has to be carried out by taking 1000ml of sesame oil in another vessel, kept for heating for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes that became slight warm so filtrate of herbs was added in it. This oil boiled for 2 hours to evaporate all water content in it.


Reference- Ayurveda sara sangraha .Bhaisajya ratnavali,vata vyadhi adhikara

Ayurvedic energetics

Rasa Panchak

• Rasa - Katu, Tikta

• Guna-Laghu, snigdha

• Veerya- Ushna

• Vipak- Katu

• Doshaghnata- Vata kapha shamak

Therapeutic indications

·       Ardita (Facial palsy),

·       Badhiratva (Deafness),

·       Pangutva (Paraplegia),

·       Gatra  Kampa (Tremors),

·       Manya Stambha (Neck rigidity/ Torricelli’s),

·       Hanustambha (Lock jaw),

·       Ekanga (Wasting of one limb),

·       Sukraksaya (Oligospermia),

·       Vandhyatva (Infertility),

·       Siroruja (Headache),

·       Jihvastambha (Glossal palsy),

·       Danta sula (Dental Pain),

·       Unmada (Mania/Psychosis),

·       Kubja (Hump-back/Kyphosis),

·       Jvara (Fever),

·       Jara (Senility/ Progeriasis),

·       Karsya (Emaciation),

·       Snayu Bhagna (Tendon tear),

·       Asthi Bhagna (Bone fracture


·         Take the required amount of Kerala Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam in a bowl. 

·         Sit comfortably on a non-slippery surface, and gently apply the massage oil over your back, legs, or any affected areas. 

·         Massage gently in slow, circular motions and let your skin absorb the oil. 

·         Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water and pat dry. 


·         Relieves muscle soreness and stiffness-

Mahanarayana Thailam is a soothing oil that relieves the discomfort and stiffness experienced in old age. Mahanarayana Thailam is highly regarded for its support in promoting the comfort of muscles and joints, making it suitable for those dealing with discomfort

·         Instant relief from aching muscles-

 Mahanarayana Thailam penetrates deeply into the skin, nourishes and soothes exhausted muscles instantly, and gives long-lasting results.

·         Helps to enhance flexibility

This powerful oil nourishes tissues and provides long-lasting lubrication for enhanced flexibility. It is traditionally used in Ayurveda for promoting neurological well-being

  • This oil may also be applied for certain skin conditions

·         Elevates your post-workout routine –

Its natural ingredients work to refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind, leaving you feeling recharged and revitalised.

Available forms

o    Mahanarayana thailam

o    Mahanarayana thailam 21 avarthy for internal use

Safety profiles

o    Fever

o    Pregnant ladies

o    Open wounds



Q: What is Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam 200ml?

A: Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam 200 ml is an ayurvedic joint and muscle oil that promotes healthy aging and rejuvenation. You can buy Mahanarayana Thailam at a competitive price in India. It is commonly used for external application to relieve muscle stiffness and joint pain.

Q: What are the ingredients in Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam?

A: The main ingredients in Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam include oils like sesame oil, coconut oil, and various herbal extracts like Dashamoola, Bala, Ashwagandha, and Guduchi known for their therapeutic properties.

Q: How to use Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam for osteoarthritis?

A: To use Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam for osteoarthritis, warm the oil and apply it gently on the affected joints or muscles. Massage in a circular motion for relief from pain and stiffness.

Q: Can Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam be used for post-workout abhyanga?

A: Yes, Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam is suitable for post-workout abhyanga. Applying this oil after a workout can help relax sore muscles and promote faster recovery.

Q: Where can I buy Kerala Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam online?

A: Kerala Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam can be purchased online from various ayurvedic product websites. Make sure to check the product's authenticity and quality before making a purchase.

Q: What are the recommended dosages of Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam?

A: The recommended dosage of Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam for external use may vary. It is advised to consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized dosages based on your specific health conditions.

Q: Are there any side effects of using Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam?

A: Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam is generally safe for external use when used as directed. However, in some cases, individuals may experience skin irritation or allergies. It is recommended to perform a patch test before extensive use.

Q: What are the benefits of using Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam for healthy aging and rejuvenation?

A: Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam helps in promoting healthy aging and rejuvenation by nourishing the skin, improving circulation, relieving muscle tension, and promoting overall well-being. Regular massage with this oil can contribute to a sense of vitality and longevity.


How to apply Mahamasha oil?

Warm the oil to room temperature and apply it over affected area .Allow it to sit for half hour and take a shower or warm water fomentation

Can this oil be used for daily massage?

Yes it can be used

Does the Mahanarayana Thailam Hair Oil contain paraben?

No, it's free from any paraben and has an excellent oil base.

Fatigue after a good, strenuous workout is a sign that the exercise is pushing the limits, but how do you rejuvenate your tired body post-workout?

Hydrate yourselves well.Take proper nutrients based on the agni.You can undergo abhyangam with suitable oil frequently to reduce the stess of post workout

What Does Ayurveda Say about Mahanarayana Thailam Benefits for Healthy Aging & Rejuvenation?

The ingredients in it is absorbed transdermally into the skin to revitalize and support healthy bones, joints, and muscles.

Which Natural Phytonutrients Are Found Inside Mahanarayana Thailam?

It contains A variety of secondary metabolites including, saponins, tannic acid, triterpenoids, flavonoids, flavonoid and  glycosides




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