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Ayurvedic Solutions for Kidney Stones: Natural Treatment and Remedies

Urinary calculi

Key Takeaway Points:
  1. Understanding Kidney Stones: Kidney stones, also known as urinary calculi, are hardened deposits of minerals and salts, such as calcium oxalate or uric acid, that can obstruct the urinary tract and cause excruciating pain.

  2. Ayurvedic Approach: Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to prevent and manage kidney stones by balancing doshas and promoting kidney health through lifestyle and dietary modifications.

  3. Causes and Risk Factors: Various factors like low water intake, obesity, dietary habits high in protein, salt, and sugar, metabolic issues, and certain medical conditions increase the risk of kidney stone formation.

  4. Symptoms: Symptoms of kidney stones include severe pain in the lower abdomen and back, nausea, weakness, and difficulty urinating.

  5. Diagnosis: Diagnosis involves assessing symptoms, medical history, and conducting tests like urinary analysis, X-rays, or CT scans to determine the presence, size, and location of stones.

  6. Ayurvedic Remedies: Ayurvedic treatments for kidney stones focus on hydration, dietary modifications, and herbal remedies with diuretic and detoxifying properties, such as punarnava, shigru, ginger, horse gram, and more.

  7. Panchakarma Techniques: Panchakarma therapies like swedana (sweating), virechana (therapeutic purgation), and specific yoga asanas can aid in toxin elimination and kidney stone prevention.

  8. Herbal Formulations: Ayurvedic formulations like Varunadhi kashayam, Punarnavadi kashayam, and Chandrapraba vati are commonly used to treat kidney stones and promote kidney health.

  9. Prevention and Management: Preventive measures include staying hydrated, consuming a balanced diet low in sodium, calcium, and oxalates, avoiding certain supplements, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

  10. Consultation: It's essential to consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized advice and treatment plans tailored to individual constitution and health needs.

Understanding the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures for kidney stones empowers individuals to adopt holistic approaches, including Ayurveda, to promote kidney health and overall well-being.

Have you ever felt an excruciating pain from your abdominal region moving around your back ,stomach and nearby area ,not subsiding at once ,difficult to pass urine ?

Yes you have guessed it right .This is how painful and dangerous a kidney stone can be .

To sustain a vibrant health ,its not only important to safe guard your vital organs like heart ,brain ,digestion etc ,you need to ensure  healthy kidneys are often supported by ayurvedic medicine, which emphasizes a holistic approach to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

To filter the blood of all impurities ,kidneys are responsible to eliminate waste materials ,excess fluids in the body and to maintain an optimum blood pressure .kidney stones are common ailment that affects a wide population across.

They are also known by name nephrolithiasis or  renal calculi ,they are  Hardened stones composed of mineral and salt (calcium oxalate or uric acid) deposit inside the kidney which can obstruct the outflow of toxin, a process ayurvedic medicine aims to prevent by managing the formation of kidney stones.  .They may vary in size ranging from small granule to a large pea sized bean . Large stones any stuck in ureter or path of urine and can cause extreme  pain and bleeding.

In ayurveda kidney stomes are called Moothra asmari which indicates ‘mootra’ – ‘urine’ ‘asmari’ – ‘stones’.

Kidney stones trigger symptoms of intense pain in lower abdomen along with nausea ,body weakness and difficult in micturition

Lets find out the causes for renal calculi

There would be no definite cause of renal calculi but the below factors may increase the risk of stones like

·       Low intake of water

You need atleast 4 litres of water to keep yourselves hydrated .If you are drinking insufficient water ,it may bother the kidney to flush out the toxin and dilute the minerals in the urine leading to kidney stones

·       Obesity 

Those with heavy BMI has tendency to get renal stones

·       Diet

Intake of diet consisting of high protein ,salt ,sugar calcium  can contribute to kidney stones

·       Metabolic issues and surgery

Some of surgeries like gastric by pass and chronic diseases like IBS can affect the absorption of calcium and water thus increasing the chances of renal calculi

·       Certain supplements like vitamin C ,calcium in excess can accumulate renal stones

·       Medical conditions like hyperparathyroidism, repeated UTI ,Gout can form kidney stones 

·       Lack of exercises and sedentary work habits can cause renal calculi

·       Carbonated drinks and caffeine  can chronically dehydrate the system and can cause renal stones

As per ayurveda scriptures the causative factors are

·       Asmashodhana i.e. improper body detoxification owing to poor diet, junk foods,

·       High-oxalate foods,

·       Suppressing the natural urge to urinate,

·       Restricted bowel movements,

·       Ati Vyayama i.e., excessive exercise, may lead to stone formation, and ayurvedic medicine often advises moderation to prevent kidney stone development. heavy exercise,

·       Teekshnoushada i.e. prolonged intake of potent medications/drugs,

·       Nidra Alpata i.e. loss of sleep.

·       Apathya Sevana i.e. bad dietary practices of untimely meals,

·       Overeating,

·       Sedentary lifestyle,

·       Indigestion and

·       Obstructed metabolism,

·       Insufficient consumption of water post meals

How to diagnose that  you have renal calculi ?

·    Find out for symptoms ,medical history

·    Check out for tenderness in abdomen

·    A urinary analysis of  presence of blood ,crystals  can indicate stones

·    X ray ,CT  can provide a clear picture and location ,size of the stone

How can ayurveda help you out in combating renal calculi ?

Ayurveda has many holistic approach to bring back vitiated dosha to normalcy .Panchakarma is one of the best way to cleanse the body of the accumulated toxins and heal it .Healing herbs for urinary calculi is mostly diuretic in nature so that it may flush out the toxins through  urine

Some of the simple remedies are

Keep yourselves hydrated

·      Drinking sufficient water could be one of the simplest remedies to flush out toxins and wastes from your body .It can also acts as a medium for stones to flush out .You can include other forms of liquid like barley water ,cocnut water ,buttermilk ,pumpkin juice ,plantain stem juice etc

·      Concentrate on increased intake of gourd varieties ,carrots ,apples ,barley ,horse gram ,moong dhal etc

·      Reduce intake of bran ,oats ,maida ,citrus fruits ,kiwi ,berries etc

·      Have  sugarcane juice in plenty

·      Consumption of cane juice regularly can help you to get rid of kidney stones

·      Consuming watermelon in plenty can help being diuretic

·      Include amla juice in your daily routine ,Being antioxidant and rich in Vitamin C ,it can flush away toxins from the route

·      Avoid untimely foods ,eat in moderation

·         Don’t control the urge to urinate

·         Start your day with two glasses of warm water to flush away wastes

·         Eat fruits  more of watery content

·         Reduce diary intake

·         Limiting sodium and salt can help in prevention of stones

·         Consume  calcium oxalate rich food like spinach ,beetroot in moderation only

·         Reduced calcium rich food which can help in binding oxalates in the gut and form stones

·         Limit animal protein

·         Exercise regularly

Some of the herbs which acts as diuretic and also helps in flushing out renal calculi

Punarnava (Boerhaavia Diffusa).

Knowing by its name ,punarnava means that which rejunuvates the body .This wonderful herb has  aawesome property of being diretic which can aid in flushing the toxin and also reduce the water retention in the body

Shigru (Moringa Oleifera).

Drumstick, its root extract is used in decoctions which can flush out renal calculi. Being rich in antioxidants, it is considered an effective ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone prevention.  namely flavinoids ,querceyine ,glycosides ,this plant can remove free radicals  and detoxify the system


The root extract is widely used to flush out the calculi .Being rich in Vitamon c and magnesium ,it heps to eliminate the rigid stones

Kulatha /Horse gram

A time tested medicine in ayurveda is horsegram kashayam which can break the stones into gravels and flush out from system immediately .This is rich in fibres ,proteins and Vitamin B to aid digestion and prevent kidney disorders .It can be taken in form of soups

Lady’s Finger

Including ladys finger in your daily diet can help to prevent kidney stones .Its rich in magnesium and is highly anti oxidant and anti inflammatory


Varuna (Crataeva nurvala), an ayurvedic medicine, is traditionally used in the treatment plan for kidney stones.

Varuna is one of the most common herb used to break renal stones and to flush it out from the system

Kantkari (Solanum xanthocarpum).

It relieves discomfort during urination due to its diuretic properties

Kushmanda seeds (Benincasa hispida).

It’s a traditional medicine used in treating urinary calculi owing to its laxative ,diuretic properties

Pashanabheda (Bergenia ligulata).

A very potent herb used exclusively to break  urinary stones into pieces and to eliminate out

Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum)

A time tested medicine which can be a easy home remedy and acts as a diuretic

Jasmine (Jasminum auriculatum).

Has properties acting as toxin reliever ,reducing water retentions .Commonly used in tea

Bakul (Mimusops Elengi).

An effective drug used in bladder infections and helps to break stones from the urinary tract is often found within ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone treatments.

Its more effective to promote mineral, fluid, and uric acid balance in kidneys, usually used in tea. This practice aligns with ayurveda for kidney health, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper balance to prevent stone formation.

Sukshma Ela (Cardamom)

Being antioxidant and anti inflammatory ,it can work wonders in rectifying urinary infections and acts as diuretic emoving excess uric acid 


Helps to flush toxins and to reduce inflammation and supports kidney health


Known for its detox qualities ,it helps in dissolving kidney stones naturally

Kadali /Stem of banana

Drinking plantain stem juice can flush out kidney stones easily


Taking celery juice every day can help in reducing the renal stones


Intake of Water boiled with 2 figs can help to alleviate stones

Some of panchakarma techniques which can help to flush out  urinary toxins

Swedana -Sweating /fomentation can help to eliminate toxins

Virechana  -therapeutic purgation can help out to reduce toxins

Yogasana, an ayurvedic medicine practice, can be particularly beneficial for kidney health.  Ustrasana,Uttanpadasana,Pawanmuktasana

,Dhanurasana,Bhujangasana,Ardha Matsyendrasana,Garuda Asana can help to alleviate the condition

Some of the ayurvedic formulations which is commonly used in treating renal calculi

Varunadhi kashayam ,Punarnavadi kashayam ,Brihathyadi kashayam ,Kulatha kashayam,Veeratharadi kashyaam ,Chandrapraba vati ,Moothra krichrantaka choornam ,Punarnava mandooram ,pashanabedadi akshayam ,punarnavasavam ,Chandanasavam ,Usheerasavam ,Punarnavadi guggulu ,Vasthyamayanthaka ghritham ,Gokshuradi guggulu ,Kalyana ksharam etc.


What is the fastest way to dissolve a kidney stone?

Staying hydrated is the fastest way to dissolve kidney stones

Can you permanently stop kidney stones?

Yes ,you can by aiming at keeping yourselves well hydrated

Can you remove kidney stones without surgery?

Yes you can by following strict diet and life style and by internal medications

What dissolves kidney stone fast?

Apple cider vinegar and lemon water can help in clearing it faster, a natural remedy often recommended in ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone treatment.

How do you flush a kidney stone in 24 hours?

By increasing the frequency of drinking water ,you can flush out the stones in 24 hrs

What is the best thing to drink if you have kidney stones?

You can have sugar cane juice,ash gourd juice or plantain stem juice  which helps to flush out kidney stones

How do you get immediate relief from kidney stones?

Drinking adequate amount of water helps in flushing out stones immediately

Are there any dietary restrictions during Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones?

Reduce sodium and salt intake and calcium ,oxalate rich foods

Can Ayurveda prevent the recurrence of kidney stones?

Yes it does have solutions to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones.

Can Ayurvedic remedy able dissolve a large kidney stone?

Yes some of the potent herb like gokshura ,pashanabheda can help in breaking larger stones to gravels.

Can kidney stone leads to renal failure?

Kidney stones ,when blocking the passage of urine ,can cause infections and can lead to kidney failure

Can kidney stones be cured without surgery in Ayurveda?

Yes you can but with following proper medicines and diet ,life style

Can the Kidney repair itself?

A completely damaged kidney can't repair itself but can be managed if diagnosed in right time, especially with a treatment plan that includes ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone prevention. 

How Beneficial Is Barley Water For Kidney Stones?

It acts as a natural diuretic and allows larger volumes of urine tof lush out helping in detox of kidneys

How Can I Prevent Kidney Stones from Recurring?

Stick to low sodium,low calcium and low animal protein diet along with ample hydration

How can a kidney stone pass by itself at home?

You can try taking celery juices of celery ,sugarcane ,ash gourd ,banana stem etc

How common are kidney stones?

Approximately 12 percent of the Indian population is affected by kidney stones commonly 

How do kidney stones develop?

Kidney stone are developed when your urine becomes more concentrated with uric acid, calcium, and oxalates, highlighting the importance of ayurvedic medicine in preventing stone formation.

How does Ayurveda approach the treatment of kidney stones?

The approach is towards balancing the vitiated doshas and by following a diet outlined in ayurveda for kidney stone prevention.

How is kidney stone pain like?

It feels like pain from lower back radiating till groin and severe ,sharp pain in back and sides ,below the ribs

Is Ayurvedic treatment safe for everyone?

Yes it can  be safe based on method of its purification

Is Surgery Always Necessary to Remove Kidney Stones?

It may be needed if the size of the stone is very large  or its causing intense pain and recurrent infections

Is it really Kidney stone or Acidity?

In  kidney stone ,you may a urgency to urinate ,nausea ,sometimes change in colour of urine and excruciating pain from low back to groins

While in acidity the pain in groins may be absent

Is lemon water good for kidney stones?

There are some scientific studies proving the efficacy of lemon water in treating kidney stones but consult your health care provider before following it

What Are the Common Symptoms of Kidney Stones?

Severe pain in low back radiating to groin ,nausea ,change in colour of urine ,frequent tendency to urinate etc

What Size of Kidney Stone Requires Surgery?

If its more than 0.5 cms it needs a surgical intervention and also for those who fail to undergo conservative treatments may also require surgery

What foods should I avoid with kidney stones?

Fruits and vegetables high in calcium ,oxalates  and uric acid has to be avoided


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