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Ayurvedic Solutions for Sciatica Treatment | Natural Remedies at AVCRI


Sciatica is a common condition is characterized  by pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, a hallmark of sciatica symptoms.  which runs from lower back through hips and down the legs .It can cause several discomforts including limiting the mobility of those who are suffering Usually, sciatica only affects one side of the body but sometime both sides as well .

The most common cause of sciatica is a herniated disc in lumbar spine but other causes includes spinal stenosis ,degenerative disc diseases ,spondylolisthesis and even pregnancy .

Causes of sciatica

Herniated disc

also called as slip disc ,it could be a common cause of sciatica The intervertebral discs gives a padding effect the stacked vertebrae in the spine .When these discs weakens or tears or worn out ,the inner gel protrudes out  and pressurizes the adjacent nerve root including the sciatica nerve


Spinal Stenosis: A condition often leading to sciatica symptoms.

The narrowing of the spinal canal or when the space between the back bones is too small it can lead to spinal stenosis .This narrowing could be due to some degenerations or spurs or even thickened  ligaments

Degenerative Disc Disease:

Due to age factors ,there could be wear and tear of the intervertebral discs thus loosing the ability to provide support between the vertebrae .This degeneration can cause compression of the nerves causing sciatica

Spinal tumors

Any tumor growth can lead to pain or several neurological problems

Piriformis Syndrome: 

Piriformis muscles runs from the lower spine through the gluteal region till top of thighs. When these muscles compress sciatica nerves, it can result in inflammation leading to sciatic pain.


When there is a slip of one vertebra it results in condition called spondylolisthesis .Due to this spinal canal can become narrowed leading to the sciatica pain 

Trauma or injury

One of the common reason where sciatica nerve is pressed and can cause acute inflammation

Muscular spasm, a common cause of lower back pain.

Tightening or contraction of gluteal muscles can cause sciatica


A pressure can be created on sciatic nerve due to the growing foetus in uterus

Pelvic fracture

Fracture of pelvic bone can cause a compression to sciatic nerve

Osteoarthritis hips

Any osteoarthritis changes in hips can lead to sciatica pain too


Symptoms of sciatica

·      Sharp or excruciating pain that travels from the lower back to the gluteus region

·      Numbness or weakness felt in foot

·      Pins and needles  sensation in legs

·      Pain gets worsened when sitting ,standing or walking or standing  up from  sitting postures

·      Pain worsens on sneezing ,coughing

·      Urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence

·      Weakness felt in muscles

·      Burning sensation felt throughout the leg 

Ayurveda about Sciatica

The term ‘Gridhrasi’ literally means a vulture gait  .As the name indicates the persons gait is characterized with a limp or walk with difficulty due to the pain and discomfort in sciatica nerve path .According to ayurveda ,sciatica is a disorder which primarily involves vata dosha  which governs the movement and nerve function of the body and its imbalance

Vata composed of ether and air is responsible for all types of movements including nerve impulses and thus when vata gets disrupted it can lead to all neurological functions deficit in the body .

How can ayurveda help out in managing sciatica ?

Ayurvedic treatment focuses on balancing vata ,which governs major actions of the body ,eliminating ama (toxins ) from the body ,and promoting the over all well being

Some of the treatment options includes


A traditional ayurvedic detox treatment involving various therapies like abhyangam ( Massage ) ,swedana ( Fomentation ) vasthy ( Therapeutic enema ) to cleanse the body and restore dosha .While opting only panchakarma may not completely cure sciatica but it can help to reduce the symptoms and improve the nerve functions and prevents further deterioration


Abhyangam – a full body massage with help of medicated oil can help to relax ,improve the circulation and reduce the localized pain

Swedana – herbal steam therapy

Application of herbal steam to affected area can help to alleviate pain  and relax the muscles ,open up the channels and eliminate the toxins

Kati vasthy, an ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain.

is a specialized treatment in which a dam made from dough is place on the lower back and warm mediated oil is poured and made to retain in it .This treatment can prove very beneficial to sciatica and can help to nourish and strengthen the nerves in lumbar region ,reducing the compression over the nerve

Patra pinda swedanam

This treatment demands application of warm poultices filled with herbal leaves on affected area. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain and muscle stiffness too, serving as a remedy for sciatica pain.

Choorna pinda swedanam

This treatment involves sciatica treatment in ayurveda.  application of warm poultices filled with herbal powders on affected area It helps to reduce inflammation and pain and muscle stiffness, a relief for sciatica symptoms.  in low back region

Jambeera panda swedanam

This treatment involves  application of warm poultices filled with lemon pieces and coconut shredding is a remedy for low back pain.  on affected area .It helps to reduce inflammation and pain and muscle stiffness too

Siro dhara and pizhichil

Panchakarma therapies like sirodhara reduces the stress by promoting the relaxation and help in calming down the mind .Pizhichil treatment involves pouring of warm medicated oil throughout the body on a continuous stream which helps to relax the muscle stiffness and works as anti inflammatory


Is considered as one of the main treatment for all vata related disorders like musculo skeletal,ortho and neurological disorders .If on more vata dosha ,it  restricts all type of movements and functions of the body

Basthy involves administration of medicated herbal decoction or oil through the anal route to promote the elimination of toxins and balance the vata dosha, an effective sciatica treatment in ayurveda.

There are two different types of vasthys

Anu vasana vasthy

This is considered as administration of therapeutic enema using medicated oil which can nourish and lubricate the body

Niruha vasthy

This is a type of vasthy which involves using medicated decoction of herbs mixed with substance like honey ,salt and medicated oils .Its is more cleansing in nature and can eliminate toxins from the colon immediately


It’s a very effective treatment in managing sciatica  in where a four folded cloth is soaked in warm medicated oil and placed it on affected portion .Oil is re poured in frequent intervals once its cooled down .Repeating this procedure helps to relax the muscle stiffness and helps as anti inflammatory


Application of medicated paste on the affected portion  can help to alleviate pain

Agni karma

In where the affected  area is subjected to cauterize using a shalaka ad it gives an instant cure for acute pain

Alongside the pancha karma therapies ,ayurveda also suggests certain diet and life style changes for those suffering with sciatic .Lets take a look on that


·      Choose a vata pacifying diet which includes warm ,nourishing easy for digestion

·      Avoid cold ,dry and gassy foods

·      Incorporate  anti inflammatory foods like turmeric ,ginger and garlic which can help to ease the pain

·      Consume magnesium rich foods like spinach ,almonds and banana which can  help in proper functioning of nerves and can relax the muscles

·      Avoid triggering foods like processed foods ,sugary snacks and high fat foods ,gassy and ground veggies

·      Keep yourselves hydrated adequately

·      Include cooked foods ,whole grains ,healthy fats and  warm spices


Along with the diet changes ,some of the life style changes like

Maintain a regular routine for exercise ,meals and exercise and relaxation activities because it can help in supporting over all well being

·      Keep the affected area warm  because cold weather can aggravate the pain and inflammation

·      Practice deep breathing exercise and relaxation techniques for reducing stress

·      Avoid prolonged sitting and standing  which can pressurize sciatic nerve .taking regular breaks can help in stretching the nerve .You can take help of supportive cushions in case of prolonged sitting

·      Maintain a healthy weight by following a balanced diet

Yoga and exercise are important components of ayurvedic treatment for sciatica

Some yogasanas like

Balasana ,adho mukhasana ,amrjariasana ,bitilasana and pranayama can help to stretch the muscles and strengthen the leg and back  muscles


Lets dive into botanical wonders which can combat sciatica  and offer you pain relief

·      Aswagandha

Known for its anti inflammatory and adaptogenic properties ,aswagandha can help to strengthen the muscles and reduce stress .It can help to reduce the pain too

·      Bala

A natural strengthening agent which has anti inflammatory properties

·      Eranda /Ricinis communis

A traditional ayurvedic medicine ,eranda thaila or castor oil is given to alleviate back pain .Eranda thaila is used enormously in various ayurvedic preparations that are prescribed to alleviate vata dosha and also used in various vasthy preparations

·      Guggulu

Also called as joint rejuvenator ,this resin  acts as anti inflammatory and can reduce pain to a greater extend

It can imporve the circulation  and can support joint health

·      Dasamoola

A combination of 10 natural herbs which can acts as anti inflammatory and analgesic to manage pain

·      Shallaki

Has potent anti inflammatory and astringent  properties  which can help to reduce swelling and pain

·      Turmeric

Turmeric, golden spice, being a remedy for inflammation, is often recommended in treatment in ayurveda.  a potent anti inflammatory along with analgesic effect can help in reducing pain to a greater extent

·      Rasna

Rasna too has analgesic benefits ,when applied externally can help to manage pain and swelling

·      Nirgundi

Renowned for its anti inflammatory and analgesic benefits ,it is used to greater extend in ayurveda to relieve pain

·      Nutmeg

Mixed  with sesame oil ,nutmeg is fried till it gets brown and is coarsely powdered .Application of this on the affected site can  give instant relief for the pain

·      Kumari /aloe

·      Being anti inflammatory ,it can help in addressing the back pain

·      Punarnava

Used in various kashayams which can help as anti-inflammatory to relive the pain

·      Pippali

When applied topically ,it can act as analgesic and can eliminate the soreness

Internal medications like

Yogaraja guggulu ,triodasanga guggulu kaisora guggulu ,sahacharadi kashayam ,goksuradi guggulu,dhanwantharam gulika ,101 avarthy ,aswagandhadhi lehyam ,gandha thailam .rasnadi kashayam and dasamoola kashayam can help to relive pain.

Why  to choose ayurveda over any other system of medicines for sciatica

·      Natural and holistic treatment

·      Treatments with no adverse effects

·      Can help to improve the quality of life

·      To avoid post surgical complications

·      Can avoid pain killers and post effects

·      Can have personalized treatments



Can Ayurvedic cure sciatica?

Yes it can  help in reducing the symptoms ,improving the nerve function and can prevent the further deterioration.

What is natural therapy for sciatica?

Choosing panchakarma would be the best therapy for alleviating sciatica.

How do I get my sciatic nerve to stop hurting?

You can follow certain stretchings and yogasanas to stop it hurting, this is especially beneficial for sciatica treatment.

Can sciatica heal naturally?

Yes ,it can be ,over rest and time.

What vitamin stops sciatica?

Vitamin D and Vitamin E can help out in that.

Can sciatica fully recover?

Yes it can be but with lifestyle changes over a period of time, an approach to managing sciatica treatment.

How can I permanently cure sciatica without surgery?

Following panchakarma  would b ideal choice to treat with out surgical inyervention .Other than that following medications for pain relief ,some physiotherapy may help.

Are Ayurvedic treatments safe for everyone?

It doesnot work the same with everyone.

How to diagnose Sciatica Pain?

You can rule it out be CT ,Xray and by some physical examinations.

Is surgery necessary for sciatica, or can it be treated with Ayurveda alone?

Depending on the cause ,surgery may not be needed ,you can manage with alternate system of medicines.

What are the common causes of sciatica?

Herniated disc ,trauma ,spondylolsthesis ,pregnancy ,tumors ,degenerative disc diseases.

What are the risk factors for sciatica disease?

Obesity ,diabetes ,sedentary work ,age related wear and tear ,tobacco etc.

What are the symptoms of sciatica pain?

Burning ,stabbing and shooting pain radiating from lower back to legs ,numbness and pins and needles


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