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Brihathyadi Kashayam - Uses, ingredients and Side effetcs | AVCRI | Since 1957

Brihatyadi Kashayam

Difficulties with micturition, or urination, can be distressing and disruptive to daily life. AVP Brihathyadi Kashayam, with its diuretic properties, might offer relief in such conditions. Experiencing difficulties with urination can be uncomfortable and concerning.

Basti is considered as one of the three vital organs in the body. One of such disorders of Basti is Mutrakrichra where there is difficulty in passing urine associated with pain. A number of useful classical preparations has been explained in Ayurveda.One among such reparation is brihathyadikashayam

BrihatyadiKashayam, which consists of five drugs of laghupanchamoola, is offered by Arya Vaidya Pharmacy in both liquid and kashayam tablet form.   is an ayurvedic classical medicine mainly used for the treatment of dysuria (a painful and difficult urination). It is also beneficial in other urinary diseases such as urinary calculi (renal stones), cystitis (inflammation of bladder), and urinary tract infections. Brihathyadi Kashayam, especially in its 200 ml formulation, can be particularly efficient in managing these conditions.

What does brihathyadi kashayam contain ?

1 part each of

Brihathi /Solanum nigrum

Kantakari /Solanum xanthocarpum is a key ingredient in the product AVP Brihathyadi Kashayam.

Prishni parni /Urariapicta

Saliparni /Desmodiumgangetium

Gokshura /Tribulus terrestris

Mode of preparation brihathyadi kashayam

General method of  making of kasahayam is been observed .The ingredients are coarsely powdered and boiled with 16 parts of water and reduced to 1/4th of that and filtered and  stored for further use

Pharmacological actions of brihathyadi kashayam

Acts as diuretic ,Antilithiatic and anti inflammatory ,Antiseptic.,Antiurolithic .

Indicated therapeutically in conditions like

Dysuria ,urinary calculi ,cystitis and urinary infections 

·       Treats painful bladder syndrome /painful urination

BrihatyadiKashayam is very beneficial to treat painful urination . Due to its diuretic action on the urinary system, it improves the urine flow and induces easier urination.

·       Removes Urinary calculi

Urinary calculi, commonly known as kidney stones, are solid formations formed from substances found in the urine. The ingredients in BrihatyadiKashayam contain antiurolithic properties that help dissolve or prevent the formation of calculi in the kidneys, ureters, or bladder.

·       Adressess  Urinary tract infections

The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antilithiatic properties found in BrihatyadiKashayam aid in the management of urinary tract infections.Its antiseptic property is also capable of preventing infections by inhibiting the growth of infectious agents.

·       Cystitis/urinary bladder infections

Cystitis is the medical term for inflammation of the bladder. The anti-inflammatory properties in BrihatyadiKashayam help reduce inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.

Dose and administration

BrihatyadiKashayam is available in three forms;

Churna, Liquid, and Tablets. The dosages of each of them are as follows:

·       BrihatyadiKashayamChurna

The dosage of churna for children is 15-30 ml.

For adults, it should be 30-60 ml.

It should be given twice a day, before food.

·       BrihatyadiKashayam Liquid, prominently known as AVP Brihathyadi Kashayam 200ml, is available for those preferring a liquid intake method.

The general dosage of BrihatyadiKashayam Liquid for children and adults is 2.5- 5 ML

The usage of liquid form is twice a day with 4- times boiled and cooled water.

The best time to take this medicine is before food.

·       BrihatyadiKashayam Tablets

The general dosage of BrihatyadiKashayam Tablet for children is 1- tablet twice a day with warm water

An adult should take 2- tablets twice a day with warm water 30 minutes before food. AVP Brihathyadi Kashayam in tablet form simplifies dosage administration.

Safety profiles -Nil 

Q: What is BrihatyadiKashayam?

A: BrihatyadiKashayam is an Ayurvedic herbal decoction that is used in treating various urinary diseases.

Q: What are the ingredients of BrihatyadiKashayam?

A: The ingredients of AVP Brihathyadi Kashayam include Brihati, Solanum, and other herbal components, carefully proportioned to enhance the efficacy of the product.

Q: What are the possible side effects of BrihatyadiKashayam?

A: BrihatyadiKashayam is generally safe when taken as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor. However, some people may experience minor side effects such as a burning sensation in the stomach when consuming AVP Brihathyadi Kashayam.

Q: How can I purchase BrihatyadiKashayam online?

A: BrihatyadiKashayam can be purchased online at the best price from authorized Ayurvedic pharmacies or websites.

Q: What is the recommended dosage of BrihatyadiKashayam?

A: The recommended dose of AVP Brihathyadi Kashayam in liquid form is usually 10 ml, and in tablet form, it is typically 2 tablets, to potentially offer an optimal therapeutic outcome.

Q: Is it necessary to consult a doctor before consuming BrihatyadiKashayam?

A: It is advisable to seek advice from an Ayurvedic doctor before consuming AVP Brihathyadi Kashayam to ensure proper dosage and usage.


What is the use of Brihatyadi Kashayam?

BrihatyadiKashayam which consists of five drugs of laghupanchamoola   is an ayurvedic classical medicine mainly used for the treatment of dysuria (a painful and difficult urination). It is also beneficial in other urinary diseases such as urinary calculi (renal stones), cystitis (inflammation of bladder), and urinary tract infections.

Which Kashayam is best for joint pain?

Based on the clinical symptoms there are different kashayams are prescribed in ayurveda for joint pains

For eg – if there are inflammation causing joint swelling and pain ,kokilakshaka kashayam is prescribed .if there are osteoarthritic changes ,rasnaeradndadi kashayam is prescribed

What are the benefits of Kashayam?

Kashayam is  a medicated herbal decoction which is found effective in many ways to stay healthy and to boost ones immunity 

What is the use of Elakanadi Kashayam?

Its commonly used in respiratory symtoms like cold ,flu etc

What are the side effects of Kashayam?

When taken in higher doses they may cause stomach discomforts like acidity ,loose bowels etc

Is Kashayam good for health?

Yes most of the kashayams help in improving ones immunity

When should Kashayam be taken?

Preferably on empty stomach

What are the ingredients in Bruhatyadi Kashaya Choornam?

Powders of Bruhathi, Kandakari, prusnipari, salaparni, Gokshura.

Which ayurvedic medicine is best for joint pain?

There are lots of herbal preparations like kashayams ,aristams ,gulikas ,oils and lepams which is advised according to clinical symptoms .Its purely individualistic approach and not generalized for everyone

Can this be used while taking Homeopathic medicine?

Yes it wont interact with any other medicines

Do I have to take this strictly in empty stomach or just before having food?

To gain the best effect its preferred on empty stomach

Is there any substitute medicine for this?

Since the combination is unique ,it cant be substituted with any other medicines ,but there are different forms of medicines like chandraprabha vati ,gokshuradi kashayam ,punarnavadi kashayam which may  solve the symptoms which brihatyadi kashayam does

Will it be beneficial in inflammation of prostate gland?

An inflamed prostate or enlarged prostate  can be the most common cause of urinary problems in old age ,based on that the ingredients in brihathyadi kashayam can help in reducing the symptoms  being diuretic in nature




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