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Enhance Your Pregnancy Experience with Garbh Sanskar - AVCRI's Ultimate Guide | Since 1950

Garbha samskaara and the amazing journey of pregnancy

Key Takeaway Points:
  1. Garbha Samskara: An ancient practice rooted in Indian tradition and Ayurveda, emphasizing prenatal care for the well-being of both mother and child.

  2. Benefits: Garbha Samskara nurtures positive thoughts, fosters a serene environment, and enriches the baby's development, particularly in brain development.

  3. Mythological References: Stories from Indian epics like the Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana highlight the significance of prenatal education and bonding between mother and child.

  4. Preconception Practices: Couples undergo purification processes to optimize sperm and ovum quality, emphasizing healthy reproductive systems and nutrition.

  5. Antenatal Care: Focuses on maintaining a balanced diet, lifestyle, and emotional well-being during pregnancy to promote fetal growth and cognitive development.

  6. Practices: Includes yoga, meditation, music therapy, dietary guidelines, and lifestyle modifications tailored to each trimester for holistic prenatal care.

  7. Benefits of Garbha Samskara: Helps prevent pregnancy-related disorders, strengthens emotional bonding between mother and fetus, and supports cognitive development.

  8. Literary Sources: Reading spiritual texts like the Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita can instill positive values and create a serene environment beneficial for the baby's development.

  9. Commencement: Garbha Samskara practices can begin from the early stages of pregnancy to promote calmness and positivity throughout the journey.

  10. Impact of Mantras: Chanting mantras and listening to spiritual music create a positive ambiance in the womb, enhancing the child's mental well-being.

  11. Beeja Sanskar: Purification practices for sperm, ovum, and uterus through detoxification therapies contribute to a healthy starting point for the unborn child.

  12. Garbha Sanskar vs. Beeja Sanskar: While Garbha Sanskar focuses on holistic prenatal care, Beeja Sanskar specifically addresses detoxification and nourishment therapies for optimal pregnancy outcomes.

  13. Engagement in Creative Activities: Engaging in crafts, music, and positive experiences contribute to a holistic approach to prenatal care.

  14. Mother's Role: Mothers play a vital role in fostering a healthy pregnancy through cooperation, positive emotions, and dedication to prenatal practices.


Have you ever heard of a  time tested unique technique ,which can take every expectant parents through a smooth and peaceful journey of pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy progeny?


Yes, engaging in practices recommended by garbha sanskar at home can lead to positive thoughts and a serene environment beneficial for both mother and baby. This technique, which has been treasured since ages and enriches the development of the baby, is known as Garbha samskara, essential for the baby's brain development.

Everyone wants a baby with the best qualities – beautiful physical features & genius mental ability with a potential to become a great citizen. Practicing garbha sanskar at home can contribute to achieving these desires by fostering baby's brain development. We think of imbibing these qualities in a child right from birth or once its development starts, an effort supported by Krishna coming garbh sanskar practices.

We, parents always think of educating them to be those of above after the child birth, especially focusing on the brain development of the baby in the womb.

But the quest for enhancing these best qualities should start from prenatal period itself .

That’s where Garbha samskaras starts

Let's see about Garbha samskara in detail and explore the role of garbh sanskar apps in today's digital age.

What is Garbha Samskara?

‘Garbha’ means ‘foetus’,‘samskara’ means ‘developmental and educational rights’ .

 Garbha samskara finds its root in ancient Indian tradition and ayurvedic practices which insists the importance of pre natal care and the well being of mother and born to be child .It includes wide range of practices to be followed when efforting to conceive and get a best progeny .It can prove benefits for both mother and the baby.


It includes adopting therapies in Ayurveda, yoga practices, spirituality, astrology and meditation, music sciences to make a best progeny 

Ancient sciences have imparted too much importance for garbha samskara and even the latest and modern medical science systems have agreed to the importance and has started recognizing


Where does Garbha samskara stand ?


It stands in the middle of two major Indian rituals

1.Pre conception (Garbhadhana Sanskar) which signifies the purificatory process which both  parents should undergo to generate best sperm and ovum

2.Bala samskara – asset of rituals performed at different stages of childhood from infancy to age of schooling for child’s socio behavioral trainings


Mythological references of Garbha samskara

As we all know  in the great Indian epic Mahabharata ,arjunas son Abhimanyu could receive the teachings of chakravyuha when he was in womb of  his mother Subhadra .The narration went on till she was awake and  that’s how he was familiar with entry of vyuh but the exit techniques was not listened to as Subhadra went to sleep.

One more reference in Vishnu purana is when Prahalad was born to a demon  andkayadhu was taught to Prahalad while he was in his  mothers womb

Ancient references of ayurveda says ,a male is fit to get married only when he is 25 and a female by 16  and they get ready for conception as well.But now a days its quiet contrary .

They prefer late marriage  and a late progeny .

After marriage the couples desiring for a healthy progeny should follow certain restrictions like having a good bath before coitus ,anointing their body with perfumes and keep their mind happy and clear  before coitus .

Some of the essential factors to be considered for conception is as follows (which is explained in ayurveda )

·       Kshetra – a healthy reproductive system

·       Ritukala -ovulation period of female

·       Beeja – healthy sperm and ovum

·       Ambu – nutrition

These should be healthy before they plan for conception

·       Once she  conceives ,she should have a proper , healthy nutrition and life style which plays a vital role in health of the fetus too .

·       The diet to be followed from day one of conception till delivery is explained clearly in Ayurveda 

·       A pregnant lady should have adequate carbohydrate ,proteins ,vitamins and minerals and lot of fruits ,veggies ,milk, liquids ,juices etc

·       She should avoid gassy ,pungent ,spicy .bakery ,junk ,stale ,fermented ,left over ,to cold and too hot foods

Some of the life style advices like

·       Adequate sleep ,yoga ,exercise ,music ,aroma ,emotional bonding ,reciting mantras should be followed

·       She should avoid excess anger ,stress,grief ,crowded places ,prolonged sitting ,prolonged standing ,fasting ,squatting ,undergoing panchakarma like vamana ,virechana and swedana etc

Significance and effects of Garbha samskara

·       One can easily prevent pregnancy related disorders like  gestational diabetes ,pre eclampsia ,pre term delivery and abortions etc

·       It strengthens the emotional bonding between a fetus and mother  and guess  what ,this bonding begins with the development of the baby’s brain .And  the baby starts the learning from the mother

·       Helps in the cognitive development of the fetus

·       It describes on the diet on the mothers health which plays a indirect responsibility of fetus growth too


Ayurveda suggests a multifaceted packages of several practices in prenatal care like

·       Mental and physical state of both the couples before conception (garbhadanapoorva samskara)

·       Diet and life style to be followed during ante natal period (sagarbhasamskara )

·       Medications to support pregnancy and to ease normal delivery (garbhadana samskara)

·       Pregnancy care

·       Post natal care (samskara to foetus )

·       Neonatal care

·       Child care

·       Yoga therapy suggests

·       Preconceptionalnadisuddhi procedures

·       Asanas to be followed by each month of pregnancy

·       Pranayama

·       Music therapy

Includes type of ragas in each month,Type of instrument to be heard in each month , Listen to soft music, especially the melody of the flute, Veena, etc

Some of the dietary advises

A mothers diet has a huge impact on the fetushealth .So a pregnant lady should take adequate calories with balanced nutrition considering the fetal development in each stages or trimester .It has to be designed according to her body constitution .This diet has to be modified or decided every month based on the requirements and stages of the fetus such as neurological health ,respiratory health etc.

For example ,over the time of progressive weight gain of the fetus ,mothers requirement of calories also should be more.

Significance of minerals ,calcium ,iron has to be understood and foods rich in that has to be taken.

Some of the strengthening exercises ,yogasanas ,breathing techniques has to be practiced to avoid htn ,gestational diabetes etc under some supervision

Chanting of slokas ,mantra and listening to pleasant music ,chanting of OM ,visiting temples etc has to be done to avoid pregnancy related anxiety

The mother should often communicate with the fetus to develop a emotional bond

Proper knowledge about the birth process ,signs and symptoms of labor ,avoiding emergencies ,physical and emotional recovery after child birth has to be known well in advance

Breathing exercise should be  done to reduce stress during labor

Proper knowledge of breast feeding has to be taught.


Does Garbh Sanskar really work?

Yes, it does. We have proofs starting from our ancient periods. It's a lovely way of connecting the unborn baby with the mother both physically and emotionally, a practice akin to garbha sanskar.

What to read for Garbh Sanskar?

You can choose to read form epics like

Ramayana, enriched with teachings that align with the principles of garbha sanskar, can nurture positive thoughts and values from an early stage.

Apart from the good qualities of rama and hardships he has undergone ,Ramayana also describes the ideal relationships between mother and son ,a husband and wife etc

Garbh geetha, an integral part of garbh sanskar practices at home, focuses on nurturing the baby’s brain development through positive sounds and vibrations.

It helps to keep yourselves positive and stress-free, practicing garbh sanskar.

Bahagavat githa, which aligns with the principles of garbha sanskar, advocating for nurturing the baby’s development through positive stories and teachings.

Is all about avatara of Lord Vishnu who has taken to destroy negativity in this world

These may help to stay calm, stress-free, and nurture a connection to the baby, contributing to a healthy pregnancy.

At what month should I start Garbh Sanskar?

You can begin right from the beginning of your pregnancy as it may help you to stay calm and positive throughout your journey.

What is the benefits of Garbh Sanskar mantra?

This can improve the environment in the womb and make a positive ambience for childs mental well being.

What is sanskar before pregnancy?

The sanskaar before pregnancy includes preparing for the amazing journey of pregnancy through garbh sanskar.  psychological tranquility of partners ,body purification process of both couples and treatments to maintain the physical and mental balance .Thye should follow proper food regime ,life style modicications even before the preconception period to receive a healthy progeny.

What to listen in Garbh Sanskar?

You must listen to spiritual bhajans,gayathri mantra ,mrithunjaya mantras  and ganesh mantras to have a positive impact on your child.

When to start garbhsanskar?

You can start garbha sanskaar as soon as you find yourself pregnant.

A question might surface to your brain: how does this “Garbhsanskar” work?

This works in reducing mental stress ,and manily to avoid incidence of medical conditions like ADHD ,Downs syndrome,autism etc  and gives a better neonatal quality in terms of better physical and mental growth.And all of the above requires  nothing but mothers cooperation and wish to give the best of her abilities for the child in the womb  Just by following the sanskaaras and including garbh sanskar music in the daily routine, one can promote a healthy pregnancy and foster the baby's development.

What Are the Different Garbh Sanskar Practises?

Engaging in creative activities like crafts ,paintings ,music ,chanting mantras ,visiting places with positive ambience ,keeping her emotions positive and reducing stress etc can be categorized under different garbha sanskaar practices .They include garbh sanskaar sutra ,vedic mantra ,vrusti ,garbha sanskaar music ,jeevan sutra and yog nidra.

What is Beeja Sanskar Practises?

In this procedures ,ovum ,sperm and uterus are purified by panchakarma practices like virechana ,uttaravasthy and vasthy etc .This procedures can purify the sperm and ovum to  The genetic levels can be influenced and can even reduce the chances of congenital anomalies of the progeny, a concept integral to practicing garbh sanskar for fostering a healthy pregnancy and nurturing the baby's development.

What Are the Different between Garbh Sanskar and Beeja Sanskar Practises?

Beeja sanskaara procedures include detoxification therapies, a critical step in ensuring the health of the baby in the womb.  Of sperm, ovum, and uterus, ensuring a healthy starting point for the unborn child is essential for a healthy pregnancy.  Like undergoing panchakarma like virechanam, vasthy, and abhyangam etc., practices that complement garbha sanskar for a healthy pregnancy. It involves, which are part of practicing garbh sanskar.  nourishment therapies like  following a fertility promoting diet of bothe partners ,then comes ,following a strict life style practices explained in our sastras

Garbha sanskaaras are procedures which are to be followed by the expecting mother for the mental and physical well being of the child in the womb

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