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Gokshura: Benefits, Dosage & Precautions for Wellness according to Ayurveda


Have you sensed anything similar to small spikes jabbing at your foot when you navigate through any natural surroundings or a forested area ?

This  is s spikey fruit which resemble like a cloven hoof  of a cow hence with a name GOKSHURA which means ‘cow hoof scratcher’.This thorny shrub is found in most of the forested area over the continent and has a cardinal function acting as a diuretic 

How does it feel like ?

As the name indicates ,it can pierce the feet of the cows .It also goes with synonyms like ‘trikantaka ‘meaning ‘three  pair spines ‘ and ‘ikshugandhika ‘ which means ‘smell of sugarcane ‘ etc


What can it be used for

Apart form improving libido ,gokshura plays a significant role in curing urinary disorders ,gout ,kidney issues ,pcod ,prostrate enlargement ,cardiac issues ,building of weak muscles ,improving cognitive functions headache ,rheumatic pain ,stress,haemorrhoids treated with tribulus terrestris show significant improvement. etc .So it acts as libido stimulant ,spermatogenic ,anti convulsant ,carminative expectorant ,anti inflammatory ,anti pyretic and muscle relaxant

Ayurvedic energetics

Gokshura is hallowed with Madhura rasa ,guru and snighdha guna ,sheeta virya and Madhura vipaka .It can alleviate tridosha .It has an optimistic effect on all dhatus too

It has ample components like terrestrosins A E, Flavonoid, Glycosides and furostanol which are steroidal saponins (a property of gokshura). It also contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, calcium, and vitamin C.

Ayurvedic Indications Of Gokshura

·        Klaibya (treats erectile dysfunction)

·        Rasayani (rejuvenates the whole body)

·        Balya (improves strength)

·        Napunsakata (treats impotency),

·        Beejopghat (remedies decrease in sperm quantity)

·        Kshayaj (treats excessive loss of Shukradhatu or reproductive tissue),

·        Shukragatavata (treats premature ejaculation) is another condition that could benefit from the therapeutic properties of gokshura extract.

·        Amavata (relieves arthritis)

·        Sandhi shula (treats arthritis)

·        Kati prishtha shula (treats pain in the spinal column and lower back) can be alleviated by the anti-inflammatory property of gokshura.

·        Mehahara ( treats urinary tract disorder)

·        Ashmari ( treats urinary calculi)

·        Mutrakrichra ( treats dysuria)

·        Dahahara (tears burning sensation)

·        Mutraghata ( treats urinary obstruction)

·        Vajikaran ( improves libido)

·        Udara ( treats ascites)

·        Antravruddhi ( treats Hernia)

·        Arsha (treats haemorrhoids)

·        Hridaya (treats heart problems),

·        Shonitasthapana (prevents bleeding)

·        Pushtida (good for nutrition)

Now lets venture into the essence of gokshuras indigenous actions

·      Remedies libido

Enhancing the production of male hormones like testosterone and luteinizing hormone ,this herb is extensively used in natural male hormone booster .Spermatogenic and aphrodisiac qualities of gokshura is extremely used in treating conditions like erectile dysfunction ,premature ejaculation ,asthenozoopermia ,teratospermia ,oligospermia ,hypospermia and strengthens sperm production .Additionally it relieves anxiety and stress and improves masculinity and stamina in men .Taking it along with ashwagandha and sathavari can enhance libido

·      Curtails the risk of heart ailments

Due to its vasodilatory action on coronary arteries ,it improves the coronary circulation and reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and angina .It fortifies  the heart muscles and prevents lipid accumulation and relieves heart blocks and blood clots .Additionally it possess anti oxidant properties which protect cardiac muscles against he damage caused by free radicals

·      Mitigates urinary disorders

Gokshura offers a potent remedy  For treating urinary disorders like painful and burning micturition, urinary incontinence, renal calculi, dysuria etc., It has dominant anti inflammatory and diuretic traits, which make tribulus terrestris an effective remedy.

·      Boosts renal functions, a beneficial effect of taking gokshura capsules.

It supports the excretion of excess of uric acid and has a property of gokshura that may help lower blood sugar.  form the body and thus helps in getting rid of gout .It can break the renal stones into gravels and eliminate it from the body .It can even deal with complaints like polycystic kidney diseases and cystitis .Added to that it manages diabetes and hence combats the underlying symptoms like frequent urination

·      Can treat microbial infections

Its known to possess strong anti microbial properties and is used to treat various infections in skin, respiratory system, oral cavity, and urinary system, thanks to the medicinal qualities of tribulus terrestris.

·      Aids PCOS and female infertility

Owing to its diuretic propriety, it can help to remove excess water from the cysts  helping in reducing in size and also to maintain hormonal levels within blood stimulating female reproductive organs and augmenting the maturation of eggs into follicles .It also reduces the menstrual pain and eases menopausal symptoms

·      Conducive to enhance muscularity

It’s a boon to those who seek more natural method for body building and overall fitness by toning muscles mass .Saponins and protodioscin in gokshura provides immense nutrient and minerals for the muscle strength

·      Bolsters neurological health

Being rich in antioxidant content, gokshura can improve brain function, attention, concentration, calmness, problem solving, cognitive capacities and is considered a potent tribulus terrestris supplement.  also  being useful for psychotic disorders like Alzheimer’s

·      Retards ageing and is often attributed to the high antioxidant content found in tribulus terrestris (puncture vine).

This herb can prevent cell degeneration and controls wrinkles and can improve the vitality and vigor of the body

·      Alleviates high blood pressure

Being a very potent adaptogen ,it can work on mental stress and anxiety and can help in reducing HTN and also its complication like Myocardial infarction  and cerebrovascular stroke

·      Fosters joint wellness

With active components like flavonoids and saponins ,it can relieve joint inflammation and stiffness  in conditions like arthritis and it can protect the cartilage as shield  from damage over time

Safety profiles

Gokshura may interact with anti hypertensives ,anti diabetic and diuretic medications

Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies must use gokshura with caution, given its potent tribulus terrestris content.


Adhere to the recommended dosage

The dosage fluctuates from person to person .But in general

Gokshura powder /choorna – ¼ - ½ tsp after meals

Gutika/tablets – 1-2 gokshura tablets (60 tablets packaging available for purchase) to be taken as directed, along with herbal decoction.

Decoction or kwatha – 10- 15 ml with 60 ml of warm water on empty stomach

Gokshura infused ayurvedic medications

Gokshuradi guggulu

Gokshuradi choorna

Trikantaka ghritha ,Yogaraja guggulu etc

Does gokshura increase testosterone?

Gokshura helps to elevate the Leuitenising hormone which increases free testosterone levels in healthy males

Can we take gokshura daily?

Yes you can but in recommended doses

What does Tribulus do for a man?

It can help to improve male vitality and can improve sexual well being

What are the side effects of Gokshura?

On a over dose ,you may develop stomach cramps ,nausea,vomiting ,skin rashes etc

How much testosterone does Gokshura increase?

It increases almost three folds on an average

Which is best for testosterone ashwagandha or Gokshura?

Gokshura can more specifically enhance male libido when concerned with testosterone levels

Does Gokshura increase sperm count?

Yes it does increases not only the count but also the quality and motility

What happens when you take Gokshura daily?

Your over all well being concerned with skin ,diabetic levels ,blood pressure and inflammation can get better

Who should avoid Gokshura?

One with very low blood sugars ,pregnant ladies ,breast feeding ladies are not advised to take gokshura

Is gokshura the same as tribulus terrestris?

Yes,it’s the same

How long does tribulus terrestris take to work?

Takes one or two hours to work ,as a daily consumption ,it takes 15 days to 3 months to show the desired effects

Can Gokshura treat kidney stones?


Does Gokshura help in bodybuilding?

It can promote protein synthesis and also boost circulation which plays a vital role in muscle mass building

Does Gokshura help in fat burning?

Owing to it anti oxidant properties ,it can helo in strengthening metabolism and aids in burning fat

Does Gokshura help maintain blood pressure?

Yes it does due to it diuretic properties and can flush out extra fluids and toxin which can attribute to htn

Does Gokshura help prevent vaginal discharge?

Its noticed that gokshura can help in various female reproductive issues like pod ,infertility ,post menopausal syndromes etc

How To Identify Gokshura Tree?

It’s a small ,hairy perennial herb with oblomg leaves ,yellow or white flowers and the fruit resembling like cow hoof

How effective is Gokshura?

It can lower the risk of CAD, can treat Hypertension, lower your diabetic levels and can also be responsible for various health disorders like skin , liver ,metabolism  etc

How to consume Gokshura?

You can consume in  available forms like powder ,kashayam ,tablets etc  based on the health  care providers advise

Is Gokshura good for diabetes?

Yes it has anti diabetic properties too

Is Gokshura good for reducing the level of uric acid?

It helps in reducing uric acid along with that it helps to reduce the chances of reoccurring too

Is Gokshura helpful in managing pain and burning sensation during urination?

Yes it does due  to its diuretic properties

Is Gokshura useful for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)?

Yes it can interact with the female reproductive hormones and can help in relieving pcod

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Angina (heart-related chest pain)?

Owing to its anti oxidant properties ,gokshura can help in preventing various coronary artery  and heart related disorders .It can strengthen the heart muscles and prevent arthrosclerosis

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Athletic performance?

Owing to it adaptogenic qualities ,It can reduce the stress and fatigue during intense workout

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Benign prostatic hyperplasia?

It can relieve BPH due to its mootrala(diuretic )  properties

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Cancer?

The aqueous extract can help in reducing the size of the tumour and prevent the recurrence

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Eczema?

Being an excellent anti oxidant ,it can heal oxidative free radical damage caused by the sun and can help to reduce eczema

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Erectile dysfunction?

I can help to strengthen penile tissue and can help in erectile dysfunction

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Flatulence (gas formation)?

It can stimulate digestive juices and can help in metabolism

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Increasing sexual desire?

Owing to its vrishya properties ,it can increase libido in both men and women

What are the benefits of Gokshura for Infertility?

Gokshura can minimize the hormonal imbalance and helps to correct the menstrual cycles ,help in proper ovulation and can help to improve the infertility




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