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Ayurvedic Tips for Natural Weight Gain | AVCRI Ayurveda - Since 1957

Are you finding it a challenge to gain weight despite your efforts ?

Key Takeaway Points:
  1. Ayurvedic Approach to Weight Gain: Ayurveda offers natural methods to improve metabolism, balance doshas, and enhance the body's capacity to absorb nutrients, all of which are essential for healthy weight gain.

  2. Role of Vata Dosha: Vata dosha, characterized by qualities of lightness and dryness, plays a significant role in both weight loss and weight gain. Balancing vata dosha is crucial for effective weight gain.

  3. Nourishing Diet: Rather than focusing on rapid weight gain through unhealthy foods, Ayurveda emphasizes deeply nourishing foods that support digestion and absorption of nutrients, promoting sustainable weight gain.

  4. Natural Ways to Gain Weight: Ayurvedic remedies for weight gain include focusing the mind, maintaining a regular schedule, practicing yoga, getting adequate rest, and embracing a predictable meal schedule.

  5. Choosing a Vata-Pacifying Diet: Opting for warm, moist, oily, and grounding foods while favoring sweet, sour, and salty tastes can help balance vata dosha and support healthy weight gain.

  6. Hydration: Proper hydration is essential for maintaining the health of adipose tissues and improving nutrient absorption, contributing to effective weight gain.

  7. Stress Management: Stress can interfere with proper digestion and nutrient absorption, making it important to incorporate practices like yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques to manage stress and support weight gain.

  8. Herbal Supplements: Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari, triphala, and gokshura can support digestion, nourish tissues, and promote healthy weight gain.

  9. Therapies and Cleanses: Abhyanga (oil massage), panchakarma cleanse, and rejuvenation therapies can aid in improving circulation, supporting digestion, and revitalizing the body for weight gain.

  10. Patient-Specific Approach: Ayurvedic treatment for weight gain should be personalized according to individual constitution, needs, and health conditions, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

  11. Realistic Expectations: Healthy weight gain takes time and requires patience. Unrealistic goals can lead to digestive issues and other health problems. Aim for gradual, sustainable weight gain through holistic Ayurvedic practices.

  12. Combining Ayurveda with Other Methods: Ayurvedic principles for weight gain can complement other dietary supplements or methods, but it's essential to consult with a practitioner for personalized guidance and to avoid any potential interactions.

  13. Vegetarian and Vegan Options: Ayurvedic practices for weight gain can be adapted to vegetarian or vegan diets, emphasizing nutrient-dense foods and herbal supplements suitable for these dietary preferences.

  14. Timeframe for Results: The timeframe to see results with Ayurvedic practices for weight gain varies depending on individual factors such as digestion, metabolism, and overall health condition. Consistency and patience are key.

  15. Mind-Body Connection: Understanding the underlying reasons for desiring weight gain, whether dissatisfaction or genuine undernourishment, is crucial for addressing mental and emotional aspects along with physical health.

Ayurveda  Offers you diverse natural approaches to improve your metabolism and your body’s capacity to absorb the nutrients. It also balances agni and facilitates a healthy weight gain, important steps in gaining weight naturally.

May it be weight loss or weight gain ,vata plays a major role in that

Being light and dry in characteristics ,it always mimic with constitutions predominant in vata persons .So its important to focus on pacifying vata dosha and choosing diet that way

This approach is not about packing on the pounds as quickly as possible, and it will not require you to eat vast quantities of unhealthy foods. Instead, it will teach you how to eat a deeply nourishing diet while balancing agni (the digestive fire) in order to ensure that your body can actually absorb the nutrition you are eating.

It also serves to address the more subtle influences (like stress and emotional discord) that so often interfere with our ability to receive nourishment.

Ayurvedic Ways to Weight Gain

Ayurvedic remedies for weight gain focus on multiple fronts to facilitate comprehensive and enduring results .Its mandatory to consult your health practitioner to avoid any probable interference with your ongoing medicines in the attempt to gain weight

With that out the way ,here are few natural ways to gain weight

·      Focus your mind

When your mind in  a state of hiked vigilance due to heavy stress or anxiety ,it hampers your body’s capacity to absorb nutrients from what you eat .So it's mandatory to pacify your mind and cultivate a feeling of balance to enhance your body’s reception for nourishment, a foundational ayurvedic tip to increase weight.

·      Stick to a regular schedule

Any misalignment between your bodys rhytm and natural cycles can lead to imbalance in doshas .Your internal system can be healthy only when you synchronies   With the rhythm of nature. For that, you may need to stick to holistic approaches that include tips to gain weight and balance pita.  a regular schedule

·      Practice Yoga Daily

Performing parnayama and nadi shudhi can help to preserve vital ources and direct them into deeper tissues and can relive stress Yogas is one of the best way to rejuvenate the cells and tssues clanse the metabolism and eliminate the toxins

·      Take adequate rest

Taking shifts between late night and early morning can disturb the sleep cycle leading to roller coaster .Insufficient sleep may disturb the body cicardan rhythm and hence contributing to mental illness and metabolic issues

·      Embrace a predictable meal schedule

You may have to establish a regular meal plan which is essential for your body to receive nourishment.Adhering to a scheduled meal plan can help for a proper nourishment along with deviating your focus from  munching unwanted snacks in between  and it also can reserve your energy for the future use too

Skipping meals ,or eating too much or an irregularity can always provoke vata which obviously can lead to pattern of depletion and tend to cause undernourishment

Start with consistent commitment to eat three solid meals a day Try not to over do it and give your focus to the food .Eat graciously and watch out for each and every metabolic changes

Choose vata diet for weight gain

·      It mostly consists of diet which are warm, oily, smooth, stable etc., incorporating ayurvedic tips for balancing the body and enhancing overall health.

·      You can ingest generous amount of good fat .Oil is one of the best choice for that and is an important source of the lipid too

·      Favour use of sesame oil ,ghee and limit intake of corn ,flax or soy oil which may provoke vata 

·      Choose foods that are warm, moist, oily, grounding, nourishing, smooth, and stabilizing, over foods that are cold, dry, light, or rough.

·      Favor the sweet, sour, and salty tastes over the pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes.

·      Build your meals around staple foods that naturally taste sweet, such as fruits, grains, milk, ghee, fresh eggs, nuts, seeds, and vata-pacifying meats

·      Other supportive snacks include soaked and peeled almonds and Date Shakes

Maintain proper hydration

Insufficient hydration can dry up the adipose tissues.Lubricating with hydration can improve the nutrient absorption too  making the metabolic pathway to work more effectively

Seek for quietening the mind and soothe your nervous system to improve digestion and help you gain weight.

An excess of vata can leave the mind and energy into a hyper state  When the system is hyperactivated, it's quite difficult to calm the mind, a state necessary for an effective digestive system to support body weight increase.  and nourish the body

When we incorporate the sense of calm, stability, and safety, one can be more receptive to deep nourishment, crucial for anyone looking to increase body weight through ayurvedic tips.

Beware of proper food combination

According to ayurveda ,some kinds of foods doesn’t go along with the system .Mixing food with different energetic can overwhelm the digestive fire and can cause indigestion  and lead to ama

Handle stress

Stress can completely destroy the nourishment to our tissues by rescheduling the priority what our body needs .By reducing the stress ,we can maximize the benefits of being well nourished

Listen to your body’s intuitive cravings

When your body is devoid of something ,naturally you end up craving fo r those to balance the nutrition .For example ,if you are craving for pungent ,astringent foods ,its likely that there is an imbalance in that particular doshas

Herbal supplements which can rejuvenate and can help in weight gain

·      Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic herb that can help you gain weight by nourishing the tissues and promoting overall health.

Offers a deep nourishment to the tissues and supports proper functioning of adrenals ,improves the immunity  and helps in building of ojas .Being a adaptogen ,it can help the body to resist stress and preserve the essential energy during the day and sound sleep during night .It is available in many forms like Aswagandhadhi lehyam ,aswagandhadhi choornam ,aristam ,kashayam etc

·      Sathavari

A nourishing tonic for both men and women .It can support both physical and mental energies by nourishing the tissues Its very satvik and can calm the mind too

·      Chyavanprash 

Is a traditional ayurvedic herbal jam with amla as basic content .This jam is so rejuvenating and can improve agni  and help  as anti stressing agent  and can bloster immunity

·      Yasti madhu, known for its ability to support the digestive system and overall health, a valuable tip for those aiming to gain weight naturally.

Widely known as licorice ,yasti is used in many formulations which can enhance overall stamina  And wellness. Roots are mostly used for formulations that can improve the digestive system and aid in natural weight gain.

·      Triphala

This formula is revered for its unique ability to gently cleanse and detoxify the digestive tract, while replenishing, nourishing, and rejuvenating the tissues.

·      Ghee 

Ghee is a natural fat, considered a healthy addition to every weight gain regime. As one of the effective home remedies for weight gain, it helps boost your appetite, supports Agni, and pacifies Vata dosha.

·      Dry Fruits and Nuts

Take almonds, raisins, peanuts, and figs with milk to fast-track your weight-gain regime.

·      Vidari

A potent ayurvedic herb which can help to gain weight

·      Safed musli

A combination of safed musli ,aswagandha root powder and pomegranate seeds with a glass of warm milk  can effectively improve healthy metabolism

·      Bananas  and mangoes are rich in nutrient  and can help in easy weight gain

·      Gokshura 

It can nourish and improve the strength and vitality and improve the muscle mass

·      Custard apple

A most famous fruit for gaining weight naturally and improving overall health.

Get youselves anointed with therapies like


Abhyanga is found to be profoundly effective in improving the circulation ,calming the mind ,lubricating  And nourishing the tissues and promotes healthy circulation, key practices in ayurveda to help gain weight naturally.

Consider a panchakarma Cleanse

A cleanse can deplete energy so its essential to select your medications according to your constitution .A Periodical cleanse can reset your digestion

Consider a Period of Rejuvenation

A  complete rejuvenation process allows the body to repair ,regenerate and revitalize the body tissues .In nutshell it’s a idea to nourish body ,mind and spirit

Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies can include dietary changes, specific lifestyle choices, the use of rejuvenative  herbs, or a combination of all three.


Which rasayana is best for weight gain?

Rasayana like ajamamsa rasayana ,narasimha rasayana can help to gain weight

How to eat Shatavari for weight gain?

Sathavari choornam  can be taken either with milk or honey for desired weight gain results

When should I take Shatavari for weight gain?

Preferable after food

What is best for weight gain Shatavari or ashwagandha?

Sathavari mostly supports  reproductive system and can enance the digestion .Its cool and moisturizing in property .It has a cooling taste

Here as aswagandha can help in reucing stress and increasing muscle power and improve sexual well being .Its heating and stimulating too .

So  based on the particular need ,you need to choose berween two.If you are concerned  only about reproductive and immune system ,the choice of drug would be sathavari ,but additionally if you focus on weight gain and building muscle mass ,aswagandha is proven effective

What is the best way to take Shatavari?

It can give desired health benefits when taken with milk

Do I take Shatavari in the morning or night?

You can take it by both timings

How can I gain 10 kg weight in 7 days?

It's quite unrealistic to gain weight in such a shorter period of time. It will end up in digestive-related issues. You can aim at healthy weight gain by following ayurvedic tips designed to enhance your digestive system and overall health.

Which dosha imbalance causes weight gain?

Kapha  dosha 

Is Ajamamsa Rasayanam good for weight gain?

Yes it can aim at improving the body mass

Are there any side effects to using Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain?

No,provided taken in a recommended dose

Can I combine Ayurveda with other weight gain methods or dietary supplements?

Its preferred to take advise from your practitioner because ayurveda treatment is always personalized and it doesn’t fit the same with all

Can I follow Ayurvedic principles for weight gain while being vegetarian or vegan?

Yes you can

How long does it take to see results with Ayurvedic practices for weight gain?

It purely depends on their digestive capacity and endurance .It may vary from different persons

Is your desire to gain weight due to an underlying dissatisfaction with your body’s natural expression of optimal health? Or are you truly undernourished and underweight?

Bodys dissatisfaction is a natural emotion which can cause people to engage in eating disorders and it can also be influenced by external factors such as stress etc



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