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Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam - Uses, Ingredients, Dosage & Side Effects | AVCRI | Since 1957

Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam

In Ayurveda, restoring balance to Apana Vata and the other doshas is central to maintaining health and preventing disease.

Apana Vata, one of the subtypes of Vata dosha, governs the lower abdomen, pelvis, and the expulsion of waste from the body, including urine, feces, menstrual flow, and reproductive fluids. This is crucial in the treatment of ascites. When Apana Vata is in balance, it facilitates the proper elimination of waste and supports normal bodily functions.On an imbalanced state , it can lead to various disturbances .This imbalance can lead to functional disturbances such as improper elimination, retention of waste products, and other related issues.

Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam , With its carefully selected blend of herbs holds immense therapeutic potential in managing a wide range of diseases  from vata predominance .

Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam is a concentrated decoction consisting of water soluble active principles is effective in Flatulence, loss of appetite, constipation, rheumatic diseases and lowback ache.

Refernces – Sahasra yogam

Ingredients of Gandharvahastha kashayam

 It is a combination of 8 drugs

They are

·Gandharvahastha (castor seed-Ricinus communis)

·Chirubilva (Holoptelea integrifolia)

·Huthasha(chitraka-Plumbago zeylanica)

·Vishwa(ginger-Zingiber officinalis)

·Pathya(Terminalia chebula)

·Punarnava(Boerhaavia diffusa)

·Yavasa(Tragia involucrata ) , and

·Bhumithaala(Curculigo orchioides)

Method of preparation of Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam: 

Herbal ingredients (coarse powder) 1 part boiled in 16 parts of water and reduced to 4 part.

Method  of Storage:Stored in airtight container in dry place.

Ayurvedic energetic : Vatakaphahara,deepana and vatanulomaka


Some of the pharmacological actions behind the ingredients of Gandharvahastha kashyam

·       Eranda(Ricinus communis)-

Used parts –Roots

Acts as Carminative, purgative, diuretic

It cures constipation, inflammations, ama dosha, gulma and vitiated conditions of vata


·       Chiribilva(Holoptelea integrifolia)

Used parts –Root

Useful in Inflammation, gastritis, dyspepsia, colic, intestinal worms, flatulence vomiting,  rheumatism


·       Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica)

Used parts –Root

Gastric and nerve stimulant,Inhibits synthesis of prostaglandin locally, antipyretic, analgesic, normalizes intestinal flora, digestive stimulant, appetizer, Inhibitory effect in H-pylori associated peptic ulceration and gastric cancer


·       Vishwa (Zingiber officinale)

Used parts –Rhizome

Increases intestinal motility,Analgesic, sedative, antipyretic and antibacterial properties Aromatic, carminative, GI stimulant, antispasmodic, digestive and stomachic properties Promotes regular digestion


·       Haritaki(Terminalia chebula)

Used parts –Fruit

Tridoshasamana, deepana, diuretic, anulomana


·       Punarnava(Boerhaavia diffusa)-

Used parts –Root

Anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, anti-oxidant, laxative


·       Yavasha(Tragia involucrate)

Used parts Root-Deepana, pachana

Indicated in Chardi and arsa


·       Bhumithala(curcuilgo orchiodes)-

Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, demulcent Reduces stress and good appetizer


·       Saindava-Tridoshasamana, deepana, ruchya, hridya, avidahi ,Cures vibandha and sotha


·       Guda(Jaggery)-Tridoshahara, ruchya, agnipushtikara, pathya


Ayurvedic indications of gandharvahasthadi kashayam

·       Vatahara (reduces aggravated vata dosha)

·       Agni deepana (helps in increasing the digestive fire)

·       Ruchiprada (enhances the taste)

·       Malashodhana (helps in the proper elimination of waste products)

·       Pakwashayagata vataprakopa,

·       Adhmana,

·       Udavarta,

·       Chardi,  

·       Katishoola,

·       Gridrasi,

·       Bulky uterus

·       Painful periods

Adjuvant(Anupana): Rock salt, sugar candy or castor oil.

Available forms:

Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam choorna, Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam, Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam Tablets,



Kashayam - 5 – 15 ml diluted with 15 –  45 ml of water twice daily before food or as directed by physician.

Kashyam Tablet 1 to 2 tablets twice daily.

Safety profiles

Those who has loose  bowels  must seek caution before administration of this kashayam

Q: What is Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam?

A: Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam is an Ayurvedic herbal decoction used to treat various conditions such as anorexia, sciatica, bloat, and to cleanse the large intestine.

Q: What are the key ingredients of Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam?

A: The key ingredients of Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam include amla and other herbs beneficial for vata disorders, arthritis, and lumbar spondylosis.

Q: How should Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam be consumed?

A: Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam is typically consumed by mixing it with an equal quantity of water and boiling it until reduced by half. The recommended dosage is usually 15-30 ml, once or twice a day.

Q: What are the potential side effects of using Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam?

A: Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam is generally safe for most people when taken in prescribed doses and is available at the best price in India. However, excessive consumption may lead to stomach disturbances in some individuals.

Q: Where can I buy Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam?

A: Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam can be purchased online from various Ayurvedic stores, including AVP, Kottakkal, and Santhigiri. It is also available on e-commerce platforms like 1mg.

Q: What are the benefits of using Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam?

A: Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam helps relieve anorexia, sciatica, back pain, and aids in cleansing the large intestine. It is also beneficial for conditions like arthritis and hemorrhoids.

Q: Is Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam suitable for everyone?

A: While Gandharvahasthadi Kashayam is generally safe, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and individuals with specific medical conditions should consult a healthcare professional before using it.


What is the use of Sukumaram Kashayam?

Sukumaram kashayam effectively cures ailments like menstrual irregularities, painful periods, PCOS, infertility etc. and also gas bloatedness ,constipation etc

What is Eranda Sukumaram used for?

It can aid digestion and enhance  bowel movement and acts as a laxative

Should we take Gandharvahastadi Kashayam before or after food?

Preferebly its advised to take before food

Can I consume this kashaya for suffering from pcod/pcos & low back pain ? 

Yes , You can because its one of  the significant kashayam in correcting the apana vayu which is responsible for menstrual irregularities like PCOD and back pain

Gandharvahastadi contains erand beej,will it cause any problem while getting pregnant ?

Extra caution should be taken for pregnant ladies since it can cause cramps and intestinal cleansing  .





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