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Boosting Immunity with Guduchi: Ayurvedic Insights on Tinospora Cordifolia - AVCRI's Guide

Guduchi – The heavenly elixir

The popularity of guduchi sky rocketed when the pandemic COVID 19 set its feet in the world. I Am sure Its immunity-boosting property has become an attraction of many since then.

Guduchi goes by the scientific name Tinospora cordifolia belonging to the menispermacea family, an extreme immunomodulatory. Popularly known as the queen of herbs, it plays a vital role in treating several diseases and infections.

Mythological reference of Guduchi

Coined as Amrithavalli, a creeper with heavenly nectar,It has a great mythological reference.

In the epic of Ramayana,it was suggested that during the famous battle of lanka between Lord Rama and Ravana, Lord Rama, after defeating Ravana, made a special prayer to Lord Indra to revive the fallen army of monkeys who had fallen aside in the battle. Lord Indra granted his prayer by showering drops of Amritha upon the battle field which gave rise to this sacred Guduchi. That is why its endowed with rejuvenating, detoxifying and immune-boosting properties thus making it  unique in hindu mythology.


Synonyms of Plant Guduchi

Also called as Madhu parni ( Having madhura vipaka ) .Vishalya (removes shalya ) ,Chnidhbhava (Can grow even after cutting )

Chakra lakshanika ( TS of stem shows wheel like appearance ) ,Tantrika ( has fibre ) ,Chandrahaasi ( Half moon shaped ) ,Jeevanthi (Gives jeeva ) .Kundalini ( Used in psychological disorders),Jwaranaashi ( Cures fever)  etc


It is mentioned in several ancient scriptures about being extensively used for the treatment and management of numerous health aberrations like fever, chronic fever, infections, low immunity, recurrent infections, recurrent common cold, chronic catarrh, cancer, asthma, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, liver anomalies, skin infections etc.Charaka mentions this under medhya rasayana which can improve memory and also under vayasthapana which can arrest aging process.


Chemical Composition of Guduchi

The abundance of alkaloids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, steroids, lignans, and potent active constituents like tinosporin, ethanol, isocolumbin, tembetarine, palmetin, choline, berberine, mangoflorine, aporphine increases the curative efficacy of the herb and truly makes it a class apart.

Medicinal Properties Of Guduchi

Guduchi is bestowed with the following healing properties.

·         Immunomodulator

·         Rejuvenative

·         Adaptogen

·         Anti-inflammatory

·         Antioxidant

·         Anticancer

·         Anti-stress 

·         Antacid

·         Febrifuge

·         Anti-gout

·         Antipruritic

·         Hematogenic 

·         Hypo-glycemic

·         Diuretic

·         Carminative

·         Digestive Stimulant

Ayurvedic Indications Of Guduchi

It includes

·         Agnideepani (improves digestion)

·         Amahara (treats indigestion)

·         Deepana (enhances stomach fire)

·         Pachana (helps in digestion)

·         Amahara (treats indigestion)

·         Vaman (prevents nausea and vomiting) 

·         Krimihara (relieves intestinal worms) 

·         Dahahara (relieves burning sensation)

·         Mehahara (treats urinary tract disorders

·         Kashahara (Relieves cough) 

·         Trutahara (relieves excessive thirst)

·         Rasayani (rejuvenates the whole body)

·         Sangrahini (treats diarrhoea)

·         Balya (improves muscle strength)

·         Pandu (treats anaemia

·         Shwasha (relieves breathing difficulties)

·         Arsha (treats piles)

·         Kustha (treats skin disorders)

·         Kamala (prevents jaundice) 

·         Vatasruk (treats gout)

·         Jvara (useful for fever) 

·         Vayasthapana (prevents ageing) 

·         Hridaya (treats heart problems)

·         Chakushya (treats vision problems) 

·         Prameha (manages diabetes)

Ayurvedic energetic of guduchi

It goes with  kashaya (astringent),katu(Pungent ) ,tiktha (Bitter ) rasa and  guru(heavy ) ,snighdha (Unctuous)  guna ,Ushna veerya and madhura vipaka ,and as prabhava ,its reuvenative ,immunomodulatory and adaptogen  and its tridosha hara

Health fortifying benefits of guduchi

·       Fosters healthy digestion

Guduchi is  endowed with unique digestive and carminative qualities to regularize any gastro intestinal disorders .The herbs anti flatulent and carminative can reduce gas formation ,flatulence and distension

Guduchi being rich in array of nutrients .its a powerful appetizer which can alleviate indigestion and can enhance to absorb the nutrients  within the body

Being carminative ,it can soften stools and can eradicate hemorrhoids and constipation .

It also helps to diminish colitis ,retching ,acidity too .

In case of acidity ,one can take half tsp of guduchi choorna with warm water

2 tsp of guduchi choorna with buttermilk can boost digestion and  reduce acidity

·       Soothes fever

Guduchi ,having anti pyretic properties helps in reducing body temperature and post complication of fever  like common cold low platelets count .It can even manage dengue ,malaria being anti bacterial

·       Battling  against the corona virus

Its known to boost immunity which could be beneficial for fevers , corona virus in particular .It can improve the resistance against bacteria

·       Bolsters Immunity

The anti oxidant and anti microbial properties in guduchi can flush out toxins form the body and safeguard the body from any infectitious diseases .It supports WBC and helps the body to fight against the infections .Being rich in alkaloids and glycosides ,it can improve the vitality and being a potent immunomodulator,it can treat auto immune ailments like arthritis ,psoriasis etc . Tinospora cordifolia possesses free radical-scavenging capacity. It decreases oxidative stress by increasing glutathione and other anti-oxidant enzymes and down-regulating proinflammatory cytokines . Tinospora cordifolia stimulates helper T-cell immune and innate immune responses and develops antigen-specific immunity.

You can make a kadha by boiling two cups of water with 5-6 tulsi leaves, grated ginger, and a one-inch giloy stem to improve the immunity

·       Supports joint well being

The analgesics present in guduchi helps in reducing joint and muscle pain and can treat auto immune disorders like RA etc .It balances the uric acid levels in the body, making it one of the best herbs for gout. Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi) has been used as a rejuvenating drug (Rasayana) and tonic (Balya) in the management of age-related disorders

Traditionally, powdered guduchi mixed with ginger is used to alleviate joint pain.

·       Addresses respiratory distress

Being anti bacterial and expectorant ,it can help as all in one solution for respiratory anomalies .

It helps in clearing mucus and catarrh deposits from the nasal cavities and provides gradual relief from chronic chest congestion. The soothing nature of Guduchi plays a key role in treating dry, irritated throat and serves as an incredible remedy for sore throat, sinus, wheezing, asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis and headache.

·       Enhances radiance of the skin

Being apotent anti inflammatory ,it  holds high significance in treating various skin condition like wrinkles ,spots ,freckles ,pigmentations etc .Being abundant in essential nutrients, Guduchi helps in scavenging free oxidative radicals from the body and its antipruritic nature alleviates itching sensation caused due to allergic conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, sunburn etc. 

External application of guduchi choornam with milk can alleviate burning sensation over varicose veins

·       Enhances liver functionality

A meticulous liver tonic with its hepato protective and hepato stimulative essence .It can treat various anomalies like jaundice, which impacts the normal functioning of the liver to a huge extent. The herb not only provides support to the liver by secreting bile but also helps the liver enzymes (ALT and AST) to come down to normal levels. It readily increases the glutathione (GSH) levels in the blood which helps the liver to cleanse and remove toxic waste from the body.

It promotes a healthy gut microbe and appetite. It is a powerful liver tonic that promotes the growth of healthy liver cells and is used in kamala (jaundice).


·       Boosts cognitive functions

The powerful antioxidants and flavonoids present in the herb modulate the antioxidant enzyme system of the brain tissue and preserve the dopaminergic neurons which thereby enhances the memory capacity, concentration, focus, calmness, and alertness of an individual.

Individuals consuming guduchi extracts in recommended dose can ehance their memory because guduchi acts as a robust brain tonic  and stimulant in improving cognitive reasoning ,intellect etc . It also increases acetylcholine, which is responsible for enhancing cognitive function .


·       Alleviate tension and worries

Being an adaptogen ,it can help to manage stress ,anxiety and can restore balance . The potent antidepressant nature of the herb also helps in providing mental and physical solace by reducing all sorts of active physical and mental stressors, lessening irritability and improving overall energy and stamina.

·       Helps in averting urinary complications

Owing to its daha prasahmana or thirst relieving property .It can help to improve the urinary output and also its included under moothra virechaneeya group in samhitas


·       Regulates blood glucose

The hypoglycaemic property of guduchi plays a vital role in reducing blood glucose levels .The synthesis of insulin from the β-pancreatic cells becomes highly active on the consumption of Guduchi. It assists in reducing the breakdown of the starch molecule into glucose which in turn manages diabetes by regulating the blood sugar levels in the body. 

That’s why its also known as madhu nashini. Ksheerapaka of guduchi is very effective in treating diabetic neuropathy

·       Enhances eye clarity 

It can help to improve the vision and enhance eye clarity by both internal and external application

Options for taking guduchi in various forms


·       Guduchi Churna: ½ tsp of the herb powder, with honey or lukewarm water preferably after meals twice a day

·       Guduchi Juice: 2-3 tsp of the juice with water before meals once or twice a day


·       Guduchi Stem Juice: 1-2 tbsp of the juice extracted from the stem infused with honey twice a day after meals


·       Guduchi Kwatha: 2-3 tbsp of the decoction obtained from the herb, twice a day before or after lunch and dinner


·       Guduchi Vati: 1-2 tablets /capsules formulated using the herb, twice a day with water after meals.

·       Safety profiles

Excess consumption of Guduchi supplements for a long time may cause a heating sensation in the body and stomach troubles. 


Guduchi extracts and supplement help in managing diabetes, but if the patient is already taking any other allopathy medication for the autoimmune disease, it is strictly advised to consult a doctor as without medical supervision, excess of anti-diabetic formulations might cause a sudden drop in the sugar levels which might be harmful.


Ayurvedic formulations containing guduchi

·       Amrutharistam

·       Amrutha kashayam

·       Manasamitra vatakam

·       Siva gulika

·       Guduchi satva

·       Guduchyadi kshayam

·       Guduchyadi choornam

·       Guduchi avarthy

·       Ksheeraguduchi capsules


Is Guduchi good for liver?

Its has been recommended for treating liver disorders like jaundice ,heapto and spleenomegally and can facilitate bile flow to the obstructive lesions

Is Guduchi good for kidneys?

Yes its idea for removing the toxins from kidney, liver and blood 

What is the common name of Guduchi?

Commoly called giloi in hindi ,amruthavalli in tamil


Is giloy safe for kidney patients?

Yes it can protect kidney against nephrotoxicity

Can I take Guduchi daily?

½ tsp to 1 tsp is recommended daily dose along with proper adjuvants

What are the side effects of Guduchi?

Excess consumption of Guduchi supplements for a long time may cause a heating sensation in the body and stomach troubles. 

What is the Guna of Guduchi?

Guru (Heavy ) and snigdha (Unctuous)  guna

How to consume guduchi powder?

1/2 TO 1 tsp is recommended dose either with ghee ,honey or warm water ,buttermilk – preferable after foods

Is guduchi and giloy same?

Yes they both are same

Does guduchi lower blood pressure?

By improving the metabolism ,it helps to clear any digestive issues and also helps in maintaining htn

What does guduchi taste like?

Bitter ,astringent and pungent taste

How to take guduchi tablets?

1-2 tsblets – twie daily after food

Does guduchi cause acidity?

No it does not

Is guduchi a diuretic?

Yes it can help to reduce the water retention

How does guduchi work?

It works in tackling various major metabolic illness like diabetes ,arthritis ,infections like fever ,dengue ,liver illness owing to its anti inflammatory ,anti bacterial anti viral and adaptogenic properties

How to grow guduchi plant?

It can be planted with stem cutting

Does guduchi help in weight loss?

It helps to correct the metabolism and liver functions and thus helps in weight loss

Does guduchi cause constipation?

When taken in excess quantitu ,it can cause nausea,constipation and stomach upset

How long does guduchi take to work?

A regular intake of 1-2 months can help to achieve desired results

Is guduchi safe during pregnancy?

Preferable to avoid during pregnancy

Is Guduchi beneficial for hair fall?

Being rich in proteins and flavonoids ,it can take care of scalp health

A well-known ayurvedic hepato-protectant cause liver damage?

An ayurveda article "Herbal Immune Booster-Induced Liver Injury in the COVID-19 Pandemic-a Case Series" published in June 2021, may have been due to the mistaken identity of TC and the use of T. crispa instead, which causes liver damage on chronic usage.





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