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Dasamoolam Kashayam - Uses, Ingredients, Dosage & Side effects | AVCRI | Since 1957

Updated: May 24

Dasamoolam Kashayam - Uses, Ingredients, Dosage & Side

Dashmoolam kashayam

The diverse array of benefits attributed to this 10 mighty fabricated root which is also known as dasamoola is remarkable in ayurveda .This blend of magical 10 roots can have profound impact on various aspects of health ranging from neural to inflammatory conditions of body .It offers plethora of health benefits without any adverse reactions

Each roots contribute to unique therapeutic properties .

The roots, including Premna, are carefully chosen for their synergistic effects, working together to promote balance and well-being in the body, embodying the concept of healing through Ayurveda. It's fascinating how ancient wisdom continues to offer valuable insights into holistic health and healing.

What are these ten unique roots used in dasamoola? Among them, premna is a standout ingredient for its medicinal properties.

Brihat panchamoola

Bilva (Aegle marmelos) not only stands alone but also forms a crucial part of the dasamoolam kashayam mixture.

Agnimantha (PremnaMucronata

Shyonaka (Oroxylum Indicum)

Patala (StereospermumSuaveolens)

Gambhari(Gmelina Arborea)

Laghu panchamoola      

Brihathi(Solanum  indicum)

Kantakari(Solanum xanthocarpum)

Shaliparni(Desmodium gangeticum) is one of the key ingredients in Dasamoolam Kashayam, renowned for its healing properties.


Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris)

Methodology of preparation

Root of each herb is pounded and its coarse powder is obtained. Coarse powder of each of the above said 10 herbs are taken in equal quantities. The combination is boiled with 16 times water in a big vessel. It is boiled until 4 times (parts) water remains, i.e. reduced to ¼ quantity of the content.

Then its filtered and saved  for future uses

Pharmacological actions like

·       Anti-inflammatory

·       Anti-rheumatic effects are significantly pronounced in dasamoolam kashayam, making it a sought-after remedy.

·       Analgesic

·       Antispasmodic

·       Adaptogenic

·       Antioxidant

·       Neuroprotective

·       Anti-paralytic properties are notable in dasamoolam kashayam, enhancing its therapeutic spectrum.

·       Uterine tonic

Ayurvedic energetic

·       Vata kapha hara

·       Rasa masa andasthi dhatu poshana

·       Mainly indicated in vata disorders

Therapeutically indicated in conditions like

Muscle spasm ,low back ache ,OA changes ,facial palsy ,hemiplegia sciatica,gasbloatedness ,respiratory distress ,varicose veins ,fatigue etc

Benefits and medicinal uses of Dasamoolam kashayam

·       Remedy for respiratory distress is effectively addressed by dasamoolam kashayam, known for its comprehensive healing through Ayurveda.

Being an expectorant ,anti inflammatory ,anti biotic ,analgesic and anti asthmatic ,dasamoolamkashyam  makes  It's a versatile remedy for respiratory issues. Dasamoolam Kashayam can eliminate accumulated phlegm by addressing common cold, flu symptoms, etc.

·       Manages arthritis

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make it particularly effective in alleviating joint and muscle pain, making it beneficial for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and lower back pain.


·       Prevents migraine through the regular intake of dasamoolam kashayam, adding another benefit to its versatile profile.

Dashamoola's soothing and calming effects can be beneficial in alleviating headaches and migraines, which often stem from factors like stress, tension, and imbalances in the nervous system

·       Manages gouty arthritis

This robust mixture,  with 10 unique roots offers a comprehensive approach to managing hyperuricemia and its associated symptoms.

External application of dasamoolalepam as upanaham to the inflamed joints brings out quicker effects to reduce pain and swelling

·       Reduced febrile symptoms

Its potent analgesic properties, integral to dasamoolam kashayam, help alleviate body aches and discomfort commonly experienced during fevers.

Other forms of medicatios  usingdasamoolam

·         Dasamoolarishtam

·         DhanwantharamKashayam

·         DasamulakatutrayadiKashayam

·         DashmoolamChurnam

·         Dashmoolamthailam

·         Dashmoola  Rasayanam

·         DashamoolaHaritaki


Dose and administration


Adult dose 15 ml with 60 ml of warm water

Childern – 5 to 10 ml with 40 ml of warm water


Children – 2-5 gms

Adult – 5 to 10 gms

Best time of intake – after meals

Best adjuvant – milk /warm water

Safety profiles – nil

Q: What is DasamoolamKashayam?

A: DasamoolamKashayam is a traditional Ayurvedic decoction that is used in the treatment of respiratory health issues like asthma and breathing difficulties.

Q: What are the key ingredients in DasamoolamKashayam?

A: DasamoolamKashayam contains a blend of roots from ten different herbs, such as Brihati, Pippali, and Eranda, which are known for their respiratory health benefits.

Q: How should DasamoolamKashayam be consumed?

A: DasamoolamKashayam should be taken in a dosage of  15 ml, directed by an Ayurveda practitioner, on an empty stomach for best results.

Q: What are some of the potential side effects of DasamoolamKashayam?

A: While DasamoolamKashayam is generally safe for consumption, it is recommended to use it under the guidance of a physician to prevent any adverse effects.

Q: Where can one find DasamoolamKashayam for purchase?

A: DasamoolamKashayam can be bought from reputable Ayurvedic stores like Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) or online platforms like

Q: Can DasamoolamKashayam aid in relieving respiratory issues?

A: Yes, DasamoolamKashayam is specifically formulated to provide relief for respiratory conditions such as asthma and breathing difficulties.

Can we take Dasamoolarishtam daily?

Yes you can take . Safety precautions must be taken by diabetic  and hyperacidity patients

What are the benefits of Dashmool for females?

Dashmoola helps women regain vitality in uterus  after delivering a child

Is dasamoolarishtam good for gas?

Yes the ingredients in it can help in relieving gas blaotedness

What is dasamoolarishtam used for?

Dashmularishta is useful to manage fatigue in day-to-day life. The health benefits ranges from dealing with respiratory issues till gynecological issues and many such benefits in the list

What is Dasamoola Lehyam used for?

This can be used to relieve respiratory distress and many other vata related disorders

Can DasamoolamKashayam be taken with honey?

Yes you can choose honey as its adjuvant

Can I take Dasamoolam Kashayam if I have any other diseases?

Yes you can but with proper advise of your health care practitioner

How is Dasamoolam Kashayam different from DasamoolakatuthrayamKashayam?

The ingredients and pharmacological actions of the above said kashayams may vary

The former may be used in various inflammatory conditions of the body like arthritis ,joint pain etc ,the later is more specific in treating respiratory infections like bronchitis ,asthma ,cold ,flu  exclusively 

What Are The Ten Unique Roots Used In Dashamoola?

Brihat panchamoola like Bilva (Aegle marmelos) ,Agnimantha (PremnaMucronata),Shyonaka (Oroxylum Indicum),Patala(StereospermumSuaveolens),Gambhari(Gmelina Arborea)

Laghu panchamoola     like  Brihathi(Solanum  indicum),Kantakari(Solanum xanthocarpum),Shaliparni(Desmodiumgangeticum ),Prishniparni(Urariapicta) ,Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris)  are the ten unique roots used in dasamoola kashayam

Why dashmoolkashayam not sharing benefits of brihatyadikashayam ?

Both kashayams are used for different clinical conditions and have their own array of benefits




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